Sheikh Ben Halima is currently in Guinea Conakry and West Africa for 8 months insha Allah.

The countries are : Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Ivory coast, Burkina, Togo. More informations :, or 00224 622 34 35 36 or 00224 622 720 813.

One healer will be in Morocco for training and treatment from 1st of November until 06th December insha Allah. Informations and appointments : 00212687076058.


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« If I have to give you only one advice, cancel all objective from your life except Allah and everything will be fine ».

When I started praying at the age of 15 and half, I was fascinated by this verse: “wastanaâtouka linafsi”  “And I have created you for me” (Taha 41), where Allah after reminding Musa alayhi salam all He has done for him and how He planed his life before his birth to prepare him for the mission He is giving him today, reveals him the wisdom in all the events of his life, as well as with the verse: “innahu kana mokhlasan” “ He was exclusively dedicated to Us”  (Mariam 51), which introduces a different notion of sincerity “mokhlisan “  where no other intention is mixed with Allah’s worshiping; “mokhlisan” means that we only belong to Allah et there is nothing else in our life. So I have invented a duaa for me: “Allahomma istaniîni linafsika wa akhlisni lidinika” “O Allah, make me for you and dedicate me to your religion. ».

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His books: « And I thought to myself : If I could be 15 again, what advices could I give myself ? So I will try my best to give maximum advices to young people to make them save time and avoid mistakes ».

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« The roqya is the healing and relief of people whose life has been stuck and who have been suffering for many years. Secondly it is a protection for muslims against shirk and a way of renewing their faith. Thirdly it is a door for daawa to non muslims. Then it is fight against magicians, satanists, seers and their associates and against all form of shirk until it totally disappears ».

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