All praises to Allah, peace, and blessings on His Prophet.


Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah the center is going strong this year and ppl are coming from every corner of the country and also from abroad to treat themselves and to learn. Mashallah our center and method  are very well known throughout the country ( all from ear to mouth)even though we don't do publicity. We wanted to keep a low profile because last year alot of ppl came to us fascinated by our jinn catching method and the quick results of our hight number of patients cured, people who have been visiting raqies for years and who have been to marabouts and sorcerers with no avail have immediately felt the difference at that other raqies went to complain to an important imam who immediately started talking bad about us and the jinns catching.. (subhaanallah this iman even lied by saying that he studied sheikh ben halima's methods and he even went as far as to say that he visited our center wich was not true ) my student started to panic at this but I told them that this was a test and and Allahu Akbar it turn out to be the best publicity at more and more ppl became aware of us and want to find out. At one point we though that they our center might close... but alhamdulillah nothing happened in contrary our patients and other ulamas went to confront him about all the wrong things he said about us and rouqiya in general. Now it's been a while he did not say anything about us.


I remember the advice you gave me  sheikh, about always looking for catchers when running a center.  Alhamdulillah we trained alot of catchers but most of them were ppl who have high jobs or well off and they would not work with me at every day at the centre but I had with me a young man who became a catcher from the beginning when we started the center and stayed with me throughout 2017 but by the beginning of 2018 he wanted to go away for 4 months, as he was my only full time catcher I pleaded with him to delay for few week his departure so that we can find a replacement. He refused and he started to blame rouqiya because his dawah became weak and he left ( by Allah I have always encouraged hi to stay with tabligh and I never stop him from it). I made douaa to Allah and subhaanallah the next days the other catcher who did not have time to work at the center came to me and organised themselves to cover for him. back 4 mths later, he came to me and said he wanted to work at the center again, I welcomed him but he changed alot alot as he became lazy. He started disrespecting us and the center and would only catch when he feels like, he would no even catch to clear himself also he started demanding more than his share of the money. On top of that he started treating patient on his own by saying that he did not need the center and that it was us that needed him. By then I knew I had a problem so I did the one thing I learned during my short time as a raqie I turned to Allah and duaas.


Another thing that I always remember sheikh you telling about douas on many occasions. The power of douas, begging Allah it self is a ibadat as rasulullah scw told us but we do not realy understand fully . Everytime I am in difficulty I turn to prayers but I discovered that doua during catching sessions Is realy wonderful.  When I had problems with our catcher, on that day we had another of my trained catcher who comes to the center occasionally and we started to catch all jinns we could that days by reciting the verses of the nuur (allaahu nuur samawati walaalo ard)  and the jinns started to come by the billions,it was during that time thas we started to make douaa to Allah to give us catcher who would be with us at the center all the times .and with us was my mother inlaw who was getting treated , she was with us for a while ,we tryed to teach her to catch but her problems where big. So as we started the doua during the middle of the catching I ask her if she realy wanted to become a catcher, she said yes and we went for it and made very long prayers and we asked Allah other things as well ..Subhaanallah the catcher could see all our prayer been awnsered. .the catcher was seeing my mother in law catching during the catch. Subhaanallah after we finished I when to sit with my mother and BOOOM she was a catcher and a very good one with vision and all as if she was catching all her life. Alhamdulillah. Now we used douas very often for all our difficult cases and all have been resolved.  May Allah reawad you sheikh for all that you taught us.


We are very committed to treating and training everyone that come to our center by staying with the method of our sheikh without deviation. Subhaanallah when we see methods used by some raqies on this part of the world we know how Allah has blessed us. We treat patients with all our capacity and by doing so we expand our knowledge and experience as I have discovered that we learn alot when go to a different country and you are not with sheikh no more. .after the test, the attacks and blocages, by Allah you will learn so much.


Something I have seen our sheikh do whenever he has spare time is to catch strategicaly to break evil in the world . Me, I love copying good things from sheikh and everytimes I get a good catcher I do catch for the world so much so that the  big jinns that  come will say this guy is becoming like that big bearded guy ( le gros sheikh ben halima abdouraouf )I know of course I can never be like you sheikh but at least I know I am in the right direction.

May Allah use us for the good of the world.