All praises to Allah, peace, and blessings on His Prophet.

Here is my second trip to Cameroon after the first campaign in 2009. This one was very different. The first one was so difficult that we decided not to go any more in a country without having people inviting us and supporting us. The difficulty started with the visa that was refused to us, we came without, and we were abused by the police until we regularized our situation. Then, in each city, we needed to get a place to rent, contact the authorities and ulamas to explain the purpose of our coming then go round the Medias to contact the populations. The difficulty in Cameroon is that the country is very wide and divided in geographic zones between which it is very difficult to travel because of the natural barriers of mountains, rivers and forests and the bad roads (but in this second trip the roads were better), moreover the Muslim population is divided in ethnic and ideological groups so there is a multitude of leaders that do not recognize each other’s authority. You understand that with all that the financial result was close to null and in 2009, it is a generous donator that allowed us to take our return tickets. And we have been to Nigeria before Cameroon and then Tchad, 3 countries where we went without anyone to support us and where we suffered quite a bit. However, we have no regret, may Allah accept and make it an opening, and I always remember this dream I had the last night, a few hours before returning to Europe: I was fighting thousands of sorcerers with a pistol in each hand. I was just shooting and killing them and they were firing at me with all sort of weapons until my body was full of bullets and I fell down. They passed over my body and went to celebrate their victory that they got rid of me despite the tens killed amongst them. I then got up in anger and came behind them with a machine gun to exterminate them, and there was tree trunks piled and attached with ropes so I cut the ropes and the trunks fell on them and pushed them into a ravine until they all died.

That was 2009, and this time things were very different. First, wherever we have been: Yaoundé, Douala, Foumban, Foumbot, Bafoussam, Garoua, Maroua, Ngaoundere, Bertoua, Bafia, Kribi, Edea and Ezeka, there were centres or at least raqis to prepare and organize. Alhamdu lillah we have seen everywhere the seeds of our work in 2009 come out and grow, plus the campaigns our students led after us. Therefore, we contacted, treated and trained much more people. I have two remarks here: in the zones with many Christians, we received many Christians that had no problem seeking cure from Muslims. In fact, I haven’t seen a country where cohabitation with the Christian is so calm and Christians convert so easily. This is a chance for our Cameroon brothers and a blessing to enjoy. They have so many Christian patients that they have special treatment forms for them where duas and verses are translated in French. The second remark is that the 3 cities in the North: Garoua, Maroua and Ngaoundere, contain a majority of Muslim Fulanis and are governed by a tribal king called Lamido, considered as the chief of believers, and commands the imams. These 3 Lamidos received us cheerfully and opened their kingdoms to us and people came massively up to 70 per day.

Concerning the cleaning of the country, we worked very hard on it by following the news, by going to the places of shirk and meeting VIPs and the results were great alhamdu lillah.

The first was the turnover of the conflict in the English zone. There are politicians there claiming independence and division of the country, but the militias fighting for that cause are bandits and Satanists. With their talismans and satanic rituals making them invulnerable to the bullets of the militaries, they kill the government officials, racket the populations and execute whoever is not on their side. They proudly post the slaughter of the militaries they captured. By destroying their mystic power, the situation changed very fast and they get neutralized by tens by the Cameroon army to the point that the conflict is heading to an end and the leaders express their regrets for provoking this war.

The second great result is the calm in the presidential elections. There were some voices complaining but the whole country and all categories of people were surprised of the calm of the whole process. Here are also some little incidents following the catchings: it is just a sample because counting them all will be too long. One day, we had three exceptional events. A marabout (amil) was killed by his military client who stabbed him and took his eyes out, and then the population caught and killed the military. By catching the djinns, they revealed that the marabout was a sorcerer and we had converted his djinns and they turned against him and provoked his death. The event made much noise amongst djinns and sorcerers and we caught all the djinns the news had reached.

Then the police controlled a van and found a bag of weapons; by the time they discover the owner, the 14 passengers are in jail. Once again, it was the result of the catching and it was an occasion to get the djinns of all those who carry weapons.

The third event is that we treated a lady from a rich family. One of our raqis treated her about a year ago and died the same day from the attack of her djinns. By Allah’s mercy, this lady that has been insane for many years came back to her mind the same day.

The cleaning of Cameroon also affected neighbouring countries and even international situations because the Free Masons from all over the world helped their mates in Cameroon. One night, we had 2 news for catchings we had done. First in Democratic Republic of Congo, the protocol of the new great barrage was signed, after passing 15 years in the draw, and the djinns said it is because of the catchings that the situation was unblocked.

Then the « robbery of the century » - see RFI news – a finance agent found how to cheat the Stock Exchange to be refunded by government for fake tax payment and all the banks went on doing that and the affaire came out: they stole over 54 billion euros from tax authorities in many countries. The catching said Free Masons were holding the banks and doing all sort of dirty tricks and using rituals, and their mystic protection fell and they were revealed. No surprise the world is going bankrupt with such people leading it. Actually, we never have done such a cleaning in any country, but we spent 2 ½ months in campaign. However, I must tell shirk in Cameroon is something phenomenal. I participated in a TV show where I was on a board with a pastor, a Gold Rosicrucian, an Osirist, a great Fakir, the Queen of the Mountains that just spent 2 months in the mountain sucking mud to eat and worshipping her ancestors, and an animist. I was wondering if I was in a zoo or in a mental hospital. There is an ethnic that worships the skulls of their ancestors, others that burry their relatives in their houses and sleep over their graves, without forgetting the pygmies that still live in nature, the rivers and mountains that people worship and the Muslim marabous. The 4 last cities were well known for being capitals of sorcery, as if it was the same in the whole country.

Besides, it was the occasion to reorganize the work and to appoint a new emir, to retrain the raqis and establish the exams and diplomas, and the new orientation of the work towards expansion and new strategies of communication. For instance, when I speak on TV, we pass page by page our centres in all the cities with the contacts (about 20 centres); but I even prefer to put the photo of the ruqya team in front of the centre with the contacts. I even decided to do that for my website: for each centre, post the photo of the team in front of their centre with the contacts. I want to remind that there is no emir for life, the emir is the person we find most adequate to guide the group, and after the two year term the only criteria to keep or change him is efficiency. I invite you to watch the videos of the closing seminary: efforts for religion, the 3 stages of ruqya and the 5 stages of the group.

We had 2 new things in ruqya. The first is the solution to get clean the society from sorcerers. In Ngaoundere, we treated hundreds of patients that were suffering tremendously and after treating many members of the family and staff of the Lamido, I told him: Majesty, you have the possibility to solve this problem from the root because you have authority and you have an Islamic court. The base of all these sufferings are the marabous that hide behind Islam to do sorcery. So send them people that will pretend to be clients and ask them to harm people: to make a woman divorce or stop her conceive or make someone mad or bankrupt etc. and you record secretly with your phone. Whoever accepts, bring him to the Islamic court. The king was very happy and accepted the offer. Since then, I am repeating that to people at every occasion and particularly on TV and radio. On top of that, in Cameroon, sorcery is a crime, and a police officer told me that you can take that record to the prosecutor or the police chief and he will arrest him. Alhamdu lillah, here is the means for all these victims to become actors and for all these enemies of shirk to fight them legally. But what if you are in a place where sorcery is not a crime and authorities won’t react? Throw the records on the social Medias and explain clearly the identity of the sorcerer so everybody will know who is ruining their lives.

The second new point concerns the treatment of girls falling in schools. This phenomenon exists in many African countries and we have a great experience in dealing with it, especially in Guinea Conakry where the phenomenon was in all the schools and we had an order from the State Department of Religious Affairs to treat all the schools, and we went across the country and treated over 80 schools. But in Cameroon, prayers in school are forbidden and despite the will of many school headmasters, we couldn’t treat any. But this treatment is important for us first to relief those students and that school, secondly because when a school is attacked, djinns come from everywhere to participate, like bad boys waiting for any street protest to break and steal; so it is an occasion for us to catch them all. Finally, we will leave our posters and our prescriptions in the school and that will be a teaching for all the pupils and their families. So what solution did we find? It is to train the Muslim pupils, because there always is a prayer place in the school and often a Muslim Student Organization, so we will train them to treat the possessed girls and they will do the job themselves inside the school. Anyway, every time the girls get possessed, it is not the teachers nor the admin people that take care of them but their schoolmates. May Allah accept and bless these efforts and we still hope positive changes in this country with tremendous natural richness and unfortunately suffering from low development and poverty.

One week in Abidjan

This week was a necessary passage to see the family and an occasion for many public conferences in difficult areas with many problems: drugs, bandits, cyber criminality, alcohol, prostitution, unemployment, divorce, madness and corruption. After the conferences, we systematically ask the audience about the mystic public problems in the neighbourhood or the country or their villages and we catch for all that by Allah’s will. The djinns do their best so that despite the strong development of the country since many years, Muslims remain in poverty and debauchery and only Satanists will take advantage, may Allah raise His allies and bring down the allies of the devil. We passed the conferences and catchings live on Facebook and in sha Allah we will progress in communication with the social Medias. I also met many patients hoping to see many, some VIPs and got the exams started.

One week in Paris 

South Africa delayed their campaign to January 15 because of holidays, so we are going to Surinam and Trinidad in sha Allah, near Brazil. We have to take the plane from Paris so I took the opportunity to see the family and marry my eldest daughter. Subhan Allah, we had patients from Italy, Germany, Belgium and England, that is to say how much people are expecting me, but that doesn’t please me, I really prefer my students and centres offer the same service as I do so people don’t need to travel like this; so all my raqis are requested to pass the exams because their purpose is to complete your training.

After South Africa in sha Allah, it will be neighbouring countries until Ramadan in Mayotte and Comoros then back to Tunis in June in sha Allah. May Allah accept us all to serve Islam and Muslims.