Praise be to ALLAH, prayer and peace be upon his Prophet.

This campaign in Niger aimed to rescue endangered centers for lack of patients. The reason given is that the center had to move in haste because the landlord claimed his house and thus lost the majority of his patients; then attempts to raise awareness in the media have not yielded results.

Even if these reasons were very real, it turned out that there were many gaps in the organization and practice of the Ruqyah that gave rise to the following recommendations, which I am sure will be useful for many other centers.

After Niamey, we went to Zinder, Maradi and Tahoua, and it was in Maradi that we wrote these tips.


1- Rereading the book: number of verses, psychotherapy, diagnosis, Jinn Catching.

Why speak of continuing education or evolution when the bases of our work explained in the fundamental book are not applied or even known by the raqis (healers)?

First of all, the reading of the verses: what was my disappointment to hear ancient Raqis divide by two the number of times it is necessary to read the verses. Sobhan Allah !!!, we complain about the lack of work, and as soon as there is a patient it is laziness to finish his Qur’anic reading?! Do not you see in the book that the number of times is incompressible and that this time of reading is necessary to take witchcraft out through hijama cupping? The result of this reduction is a certain diminution of our results, without counting that ALLAH will not help us as long as we run away from the minimal effort for Him and His servants.

The Psychotherapy: this Jinn Catcher for 7 years now tells me not to know psychotherapy, that it has never been done to him, and that it is not done in their center. What does the book on psychotherapy say? I want all my raqis (my students) to do it until they completely finish their past suffering, which will make them stronger to help people and to withstand the attacks of jinn and witchcraft. But especially the Jinn Catchers are people who have suffered a lot, who are very exposed and who constantly bring jinn in their bodies, so many additional reasons to do psychotherapy to them. Indeed, it did not fail to make him cry a lot and relieve. We have imposed psychotherapy to all the sisters who come to help with the hijama cupping: they all need it and so they can do it to all the patients (ladies), because when there is not enough work we take the opportunity to do the psychotherapy systematically to all patients: those who do not have much, it will be finished quickly, and those who have a lot to empty, it will do them the greatest good.

The diagnosis: I see raqis write on the consultation sheet: body pain everywhere, shadows, etc. they write what the patient says. So these raqis never followed the course of the diagnosis and they saw me or saw other raqis writing as the patient explains his situation and believed that the diagnosis was to write the description that the patient makes of his condition. Unfortunately, !! no, we must interpret this description in terms of how witchcraft has been made, to know what treatment will be applied. Once again, all of this is in the book. I cannot believe that a raqi practicing in one of my centers, but has never read my book !!??, but read and re-read everything to assimilate and assimilate the diagnosis of the 45 symbols.

Jinn Catching: and there are still some who use the Jinn Catching to establish the diagnosis and who ask all kinds of questions to the jinn catcher, instead of using his intelligence to convert a maximum of jinns and to destroy the power of wizards. The less we ask for information to the jinns, the better.

2) Find women for hijama

I remember that to be listed among our Ruqyah centers, we must have women who do Hijama to women, - unless treating only men. If anyone thinks he can put hijama on women because he's in a state of restraint and that's not a temptation, that's his own problem, but the constraint cannot become a rule, and I do not want that in my centers. So either do the center at home where your wife is available, or you pay a woman to stay in the center to place hijama cupping to women.

3) Preach in Mosques

This is something that raqis have to do all year round. Preach the Ruqyah, my speech that you are supposed to know by heart; and then the spiritual path that you are supposed to study; and then the Tafsirs which are numerous enough to occupy you all the year; and you have become a sheikh MachaAllah.

4)Establish partnerships with the media, Canal3, Anfany

When we have had some media with which we have worked well, we must not leave them, and the best thing is to make a partnership all year long.

5) TO get in touch with Muslim leaders: students, youth clubs, Anasi, Sunnis, independent preachers, offer them the fight against the wizards and offer them posters.

What a disappointment when I visit Islamic leaders or preachers, to discover that they do not even know that the center exists! And how would people come? It is for sure to these officials that people are addressing their religious concerns, but they do not even know that we exist ...

In addition, the second conclusion of this campaign in Niger is the seriousness of the maraboutage-sorcery and the launch of a campaign against this practice. For this reason, religious leaders and guides are necessarily our partners, and we must transmit our conclusions and our arguments to them to transmit it to the population and possibly to the authorities. We must offer them posters: " leave the chirk " and "how to cure the mystical diseases" with our contact information so that they display it in their places

6) Take the charter

Ah! the charter. Yes, that's the conditions I've set for a center to be part of mine, but how do I move forward when the fundamental book is not even respected? In any case, each center must obtain the charter from its national Amir and know its obligations, including displays.

7) TO Place indicative signs

And here is a very simple and cheap way to advertise: put signs indicating the center in strategic places, and everyone will eventually get to know it. Check with the town hall on the conditions, good opportunity besides to be known to the municipality.

8) Change the consultation sheet with sorceries, verses to add and prayer of curse

9) Take professional cards from traditional healers

10) Seek the procedure for recognizing our usefulness with the Ministry of Health

11) Establish an association of Quranic traditional healers

12) Translate my materials into Hausa and make a site in Hausa - the same for Yuruba, Bambara, Moré etc.

We found in Zinder that the Hausa culture is very closed. First, it is a large population with a large television production. Secondly, they have many schools, great scholars, and preachers. Thirdly, they brought Islam to several other ethnicities, so they do not accept that a foreigner comes to teach them Islam. In any case for this reason, and quite simply because a large number of people do not have access to French, it would be necessary to translate my materials: the book of Ruqyah, spiritual path and the Tafsirs, in local languages ​​so that people profit but also to let them know who the sheikh who brought this method of Ruqyah. I found students of mine who started to translate in writing; I do not see the point because the writing in local languages ​​is very small. You have to translate orally, then put on the internet, a site for each country or for each local language, accessible to all, then you distribute the links and you give them to Islamic radios.

13) Work the spiritual path

14) Review the 3 stages of the Ruqyah

15) Review the report of IVORY COAST (on my website) which mentions the 14 development actions.


It was while going to Zinder that I realized the extent of the damage of the marabouts. We visited the prison, and we did Jinn catching: the 700 prisoners all had problems of jinn and witchcraft, that drove them to drug, steal, rape and kill. We visited the hospital: all psychiatric internees were victims of jinn and witchcraft, there were jinns in the hospital to spoil the devices so that people would go to marabouts and charlatans instead of going to the hospital, and others to prevent doctors from working because other doctors wanted to take their place, not to mention those sent against the sick to harm them. We did jinn catching at a public conference for the development, and the jinn said that at the time, when the enemies attacked the city of Zinder, instead of seeing the city they saw water; it was the witchcraft of the marabouts who had done that, but the result was that the water table was dried up. Then the jinn did everything for the capital to be moved, and it was transferred to Niamey instead of Zinder in 1936. Since the jinn surround the city and prevent any development: indeed, we do not even say a village so the streets are muddy and we do not see a beautiful building. We did jinn catching for politicians: if there is one who wants to arrange the country, he is destroyed by the marabouts of others, and the opposition has every interest in everything going wrong in the country and pays the marabouts for that. We did jinn catching for an important politician victim of corruption: the authors of embezzlements shameful and screaming cannot be pursued because they are paying the services of as many marabouts as they want and beware of the judges and policemen who will dare to touch them All this without talking to you about blockages and diseases of the poor people we see every day.

So I understood the situation of blockage and discouragement of the whole country, because what came out of my discussions with each other is the ineluctable impoverishment of the country and the discouragement of the population because no one sees any solution. Civil servants are paid more and more late and companies that serve the state too. This results in a slowdown of all economic activities. The revenues of the state: uranium, oil, gold and others disappear without anyone being able to do anything about it. Where is the solution? To blast the maraboutage (sorcery), and for that we did our part of the work, you can see the 14 videos published during this campaign, but it is necessary that others also put their hands.

First, the preachers; for that I mentioned how to visit them, and tell them about the marabouts(sorcerers), and the 5 types of chirk that characterize the marabouts and that we must warn the population such as: 1- Sacrifices for the jinn: animals with specified colors ask, milk in the river, food in the road, candles in the cemetery etc. 2- Use the names of jinn such as: baddouh, qitmir, haybout, jamharouch, qarfayayil, qandour etc. 3- Rings and bracelets of luck and protection. 4- The gris-gris (amulets) containing other than the Quran and the invocations: as soon as there are the numbers or symbols it is the chirk. 5- Go to the tombs of the saints to ask for their help.

Then the National Islamic Council, so that it decides on the sorcerer marabouts and takes the necessary measures.

TVs and media partners who will help spread this message.

The Kings: there is at least a king in every province in Niger, and in the traditional chiefdom, wizards are attached to the king. By the grace of ALLAH, all the present kings are intellectuals who have held high office and the majority have told us of their refusal of witchcraft and traditional ceremonies worshiping the jinns; we have even treated many. But they must go further by abolishing the body of wizards (and it should be replaced by Ruqya), because they are there "to solve" the mystical problems of people. What a responsibility to ALLAH, to deliver the people to the wizards to "solve their problems"! But if a king wants to get rid of it we are ready to support him to empty the powers of the wizards.

Finally, the authorities must fight witchcraft, either by applying the directives of the Islamic Council which will define the marabouts wizards, or by identifying those who harm the population. I put this last as it seems difficult to get to this point and yet, shortly after my departure from Niger, the police arrested a network of marabouts in Niamey who dispossessed people of their money. Alhamdu lillah!!, as long as it continues.

Here it is! for this little month in Niger, and I hope you will enjoy the 14 videos of Jinn catching, subtitled in English and some in Arabic, and the 3 conferences. May ALLAH accept us and use us for the sake of Islam and Muslims.