Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace on his Prophet.

This is the first campaign in Algeria. It is indeed the opening in Morocco that encouraged us to try Algeria, and by the grace of Allah, as for Morocco, there is no blockage either by the administration or the population: It is enough to know a person on good terms with the authorities who will declare our coming, and not a person has contested the jinn catching nor anything in our treatment. As it was a first discovery campaign, the duration was not long - 3 weeks - we did only 3 cities: Bouira, Ghardaïa and Oran, and there was no media activity. Nevertheless, it was a campaign of great richness.

1) The resistance of the Jinns

For several months before our arrival, the jinns attacked the female catcher and claimed that they would not let us come. This is the case for most countries, but I do not remember such an insistence. This resistance was confirmed on the field: first, the catching of the patients take twice more time than in France, so sorcery is strong and result from an ancestral tradition. We visited haunted houses in the mountains: what a fight to remove the jinn! So every night, as soon as the day is over and the patients have gone, the attacks arrive and the female catcher are put to the test. However, do not worry everything always ends well by the grace of Allah and the trials are a reinforcement of faith and qualities.

This culminated in the fight of the century. Yes, from my life of raqi and catching, I had not seen such a fight. It took us 4 hours to overcome this jinn. We started with a patient around 11pm and finished just before the call of the Souhour. After capturing normal jinns for the patient, this big jinn arrived and nothing seemed to affect him. Until now, nothing extraordinary, the jinn who have received many sacrifices and worships are so black that the usual procedures seem not to affect them; but it is just a matter of perseverance and the light ends up piercing their darkness; however, there are techniques to save time. However, nothing seemed to work, and he only asked to be worshiped. When we talked about Iblis, he said he hated him and he knew he was going to Hell. He himself agreed to go to Hell, and when we were reading verses mentioning Hell he began to savor the passage in the fire and laugh until I left it. Finally, I called the beast to eat him but he decapitated her with a gesture: I never saw that. It was in vain to bring back the Muslim beasts and armies and to reinforce them, he only beheaded them and it amused him a lot. He brought back his armies to fight them and we looked for strategies to strengthen and protect the Muslims until they could resist him; He then brought their families and killed them and the Muslims bowed down before him! After further attempts, I decided to kill him and while slaughtering him, he fled. Therefore, we had a break but no way to go to sleep leaving this monster at liberty. Then we brought back all those disbelievers who were killed to convert them and the Muslims to take over the fight. We prepared them for the battle, but they were terrified. Indeed, as soon as the disbelievers came, they all exterminated them and went away. We brought them back again and we added the protection: 17/45. This time the unbelievers came and could not fight them and they converted. They began to bring back the armies of that great jinn from each country to convert them. I asked them what they were doing as work for him. It is the same as Iblis, but he does it for his own account. Their advantage, they said, is that people do not think of them when they ask for the protection of Allah against the devil and they are not tied during Ramadan. Iblis second, what an astonishing phenomenon, and it is curious that we never came across him with all the countries that have been made. This is what explains his strength: all the sins of which he is the cause reinforce him and increase his darkness. As we brought back the armies of each country to convert them, he arrived and began to kill them before they even convert, that is why they all turned against him because of his wickedness and converted as soon as they arrived. The armies were over, he was there before us; without bringing him back into the body of the female catcher, we have emptied his blood and then his pacts, and there he came weakened. I said, "What are we doing now?" »  He said, "You have to kill me." In vain, I did offer him Islam and insist but he explained that the only thing that interested him in life was to be worshiped. Therefore, we killed him and he began to propose to the female catcher to be his wife and to be a witch until he died. After that, the female catcher was reinforced and the following catching in the city were facilitated as if the Mafia staff was decimated and all the crime was weakened. Precisely this battle took place in a very special area...

2) A community worthy of a Legend

Who is it? Je vous laisse en suspens. I am leaving you in suspense.It is a community that I had been mingle a little with and to appreciate in the past, but their stronghold (fief) being in Algeria, it was the opportunity to know them more.Disseminated in all the cities, I was invited by their representation in Bouira to explain Ruqya at their weekly meeting on Thursday evening.They meet in a furnished apartment in a prayer room. When we arrived, they were already there, thirty people, teenagers, adults and old, all in tunics and white hats. They greeted me with calm and respect, and with some excitement among the younger ones. Then they directed me to the table and the microphone - apparently, the women are in an adjoining apartment, but you never see them. I finish explaining everything with multiple examples on the jinn catching and that does not shock them in the least. They ask high-level questions, all with respect and dialogue, and thank us very much before leaving. I have never seen a community with such discipline, respect, purity of heart, attachment to the faith, welcome of a stranger;I was stunned. The first time I made the pilgrimage in 1997 - I believe - there was a mass of people who came to the pilgrimage quietly and without ulterior motive, and groups that roamed among the pilgrims to preach each their way. Even though each of them is convinced that his way is true Islam, they cannot talk about Islam without talking about their path, and quite often without condemning those of their competitors. Normal pilgrims understand nothing in it and welcome them all as sheikhs who has come to remind them, while they recognize themselves in their outfits and often hate and fight each other; What is certain is that none of these groups will accept the sermon of another group or consider the teaching of a person who is not of his group. I know very well: as we were in the tabligh, it was not possible for us to give an interest to the teaching of someone who is not a part of us; even if we sit down at his course, it is more a question of politeness than of interest.Therefore, I was amazed to see all these generations listening to me with interest and accepting my answers to their questions. Of course, there was the photo session and the enthusiasm of the young people, there was only the demonstration of the catching that was lacking.

So, who found this community?It is the ibadites, a madhhab different from the 4 schools that we know in the Sunna, and who is not “Shia” either, and who is mistakenly assimilated to the khawarij - dissidents of the ranks of Ali (R). You can find more on the internet but it is not useful;  what is useful is to see how this community works and what its advantages are.

We then went to their stronghold: Ghardaïa (as well as Jerba in Tunisia and the Sultanate of Oman). We have not seen a woman without a veil in this city. Their rule is that young girls wear the veil and married women wrap themselves in white cloth and show just one eye, but in any case, women rarely come out. The community has been run by a council of scholars for more than a thousand years; all the affairs of the city are managed from the mosque and there are many amazing aspects in this community. For example, weddings are collective, outfits and expenses are the same for all couples.

We were accommodated in a center that a benefactor built for the good of the community: dentist in the first floor, maternity in the second floor, guest residence in the third floor: rooms with internal shower and air conditioner, two large well equipped kitchens, large living rooms with air conditioner and felt-board, and terrace that reveals traditional constructions in the middle of date and rocky hills: we are well in the middle of the desert, we can shoot movies of the past eras. It is left with the Ground Floor: a conference room with an overhead projector, a sound system and a felt board, then the meeting room and the office. It is to explain to you one aspect of the functioning of this community: they work only the halal; very strictly, they enrich themselves and spend enormously for the religion. It must be said that they are often traders and scattered all over the country for trade.

I gave three lectures in this room: Ruqya, the laws of change in Surah Youssef, and how to acquire piety in Surat Baqara, and it was when I made the third lecture that I realized that it is their society that I was describing. They embody the three key points for founding the society of piety: faith in the invisible is very developed in them, for example how to use verses and suras to settle many issues in life; The money is managed according to a very strict concept: to win in the halal and to spend for Allah; Finally, the role of women is crucial: their education and their role in the family and society is the guarantee of the continuity of this culture;  For example it is often women who see in dreams the dangers that threaten the community and the prayers to be made. Indeed, on this issue of women, I realize that I had never grasped its importance: I knew Islam without any cultural heritage or family transmission In the midst of the Maghrebian or African immigrants in France, there was in my time very little transmission of Islam by the family, and in all the countries where I was able to turn I did not notice this role of the Woman in the conservation of religion. Among the ibadites, the secret of their society's preservation is in the education of women: Since ever, they have had schools for their daughters in Algeria, or otherwise they put them in Quranic schools, and since the status of Private schools, these schools are covered by the Ministry of Education, and as marriages are almost exclusively among themselves, the result is that their schools almost never meet others.You see how the correspondence between Baqara Surah and the Ibadite community is striking.

Yet witchcraft is as present as anywhere else is even though the brothers have explained to us that sorcerers came from elsewhere, the fact remains that those who pay to bewitch our patients are mostly their relatives as all over the world. On the other hand, the attacks of the devils to destroy this community are very strong as indicated by the presence of the djinn competitor of Iblis, and I hope that the household we did there will be felt after our departure.


For a campaign of discovery, it was good and without obstacles by either the authorities or the population.There have been enough patients, Alhamdoulillah and a few students. To come back, there should be the possibility of mediatizing and working on a large scale; meanwhile the centers of Ghardaïa and Bouira are there for treatments and trainings.