All praises to Allah and peace and blessings on His Prophet (s).

Here I am leaving Tunisia after 80 days of a program half family and half ruqya. This stay was full of positive events, so many patients coming from different countries for intensive treatment, and many of them becoming catchers and training on ruqya. I still hear the words of this man calling me after his daughter returned from the centre to thank me because she had completely changed, left her terrrible habits and returned with hijab, and I still see this brother whose wife had very severe possession and explaining that he has been to all rqis he could, they don’t have time, can’t bring any improvement or explain the situation after hours of recitation and don’t want to know bout djinn catching, and his wife has now become catcher and he pilots her and they are helping their whole family.

Two little stories happened reminding us of how bad is the umma. A patient told me an African young man came to him in the parking of a supermarket asking for some goods for Ramadan. He took him in and bought food for him. The young man asked for his phone number so he can thank him but the patient refused and the other insisted until he gave him. After a few days, he called him claiming there is a Maraboo (religious man) with great powers and he must meet him for some important reason. He went and they started telling him he is going to win great money because Allah loves him and he does good to people. He asked him to make three wooden boxes with specific dimensions and he ordered them with a carpenter. Then the boxes got filled one with dollars, the second with euros and the third with Tunisian Dinars. He gave him a note of each and told him he must wait for the prayers t finish to get the rest. They asked him for hundreds of millions and he robbed from his work and borrowed from all friends and relatives to get the money. He kept their passports as a guarantee and called them and realised they were at the airport. He run to see the passports and it was empty notebooks. He rushed to see the money and it was blank paper. He rushed to stop them at the airport but they confused him and left him like crazy. He sold his house and car to pay his friends and relatives and a problem happened in his job and he was unjustly fired with a group of others so no one in the job knew what happened to the money he stole. I asked what company was that and he said: Heineken! Subhan Allah! All that haram money went into haram! I asked did he buy his house with that job’s money and he said yes. So he knew Allah wanted to purify him from all that haram, and he now opened a car wash. So this story was funny because it was a happy end for him, Allah made all that cause to save him, but the sad aspect is the situation of Muslims so greedy of dunya and using sihr under the cover of religion, as that maraboo was an Islamic scholar and giving plenty of zikr and sadaqa to do. Most of magicians within Muslims are religious leaders, may Allah have pity on us.

The second story that is purely sad is a sister telling me she was married to a rich German man and they decided to open an orphan centre in her country Ivory Coast and he gave her 300.000 € for that and when she reached there, her aunt did magic on her to take the money and left her nearly crazy. Indeed that is how any project to develop Islam or our countries is likely to end. Subhan Allah when enemies of Islam are working hard to destroy our religion, the Muslims themselves do that much better.

Alhamdu lillah, our centre in Tunisia is stable and improving slowly and by Allah’s mercy the problems with authorities are behind us in sha Allah and some people are learning and opening their own centres and training new catchers, but some learners run away as soon as they see the catching.

The last point is that we slaughtered a calf for aid, and that was a totally new experience. I have been wanting to do that for a long time, but only now the opportunity arrived. A bull or a calf is worth 7 sheep for aid, so we needed to gather 7 people. Alhamdu lillah, 4 members of the centre applied and 3 other people offered a sheep as sadaqa for aid. Actually it is not necessary that 7 people are doing aid, for example we can find a butcher that is slaughtering a calf to sell in his butchery and we will take 3 shares as aid and he will take 4 shares to sell as he usually does. I personally prefer calf meat and the one calf cost us 3000 TD = 1000€ when 7 sheep would have cost a little more and we get twice as much as meat. Everyone had his favourite part: heart, ribs, head, pure meat, we had more meat than ever in a aid and I wish to continue only with calfs in future.

May Allah accept us and use us for the good of Islam and Muslims and bless the Muslim ummah.