Jinns and witchcraft try to dominate you by affecting your mood and your mind. For your recovery, one watchword :


Here are the issues that will be discussed:

1. How the jinn and witchcraft affect you

2. How to distinguish your own thoughts from those of the jinn

3. Establish a counterattack

1 How the jinn and witchcraft affect you

The relationship between jinns and thoughts

Jinns influence the patient through waswas (through his thoughts) and witchcraft changes the mental state of the person. For example, he will feel sad, depressed or angry for no apparent reason. The jinn also use your emotions and pains of the past to enhance your suffering. They will use waswas to amplify your pain, pushing you to extreme behaviors : isolation, irritation, sadness , melancholy, etc.

The "power" of the jinn and witchcraft decreases significantly from the moment they are exposed.

The importance of thoughts

Our thoughts are the source of our actions and our behavior.

To control our own actions, we need to control our thoughts. For example, if you want to stop saying bad words, begin by forbidding yourselfof thinking of them. The impact will be multiplied, as if you use a lever to lift a weight. It will be easy to monitor your words, because you have controlled their roots.

There are two types of thoughts that you need to be careful of : the useless thoughts(aboutpast events that cannot be changed for example) and the destructive and negative thoughts (envy, greed, etc.) as they may be amplified by the jinn. Allah warns us against our thoughts : "All that is in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Allah. So whether you reveal your thoughts or you hide them, you will have to justify them to your Lord. He will forgive whom He wills and punish whom He wills for His power has no limit (S2, V284) . This verse was abrogated, but it shows us that we must be careful of our thoughts. This is a proof from the Quran of a part of psychological functioning.

2 How to differentiate your thoughts from those of the jinn

Based on this information, you must pay a particular attention to these thoughts. You must try to separate your own thoughts from the external ones.

How ?

Start from the facts. Example: If sad thoughts arise, you must confront them to reality and ask yourself if you have any objective reason of being be sad or angry. The same applies to fear and lack of motivation. You should therefore identify these external thoughts and dissociate from waswas.

This is especially true for couples. Do not get carried away by anger. If you are a victim of divorce witchcraft, the jinns and witchcraft will lead you to argue with your spouse and to isolate yourself from him/her.

Patients who have adopted the thoughts of the jinn will have to work on differentiating their thoughts, in order not to be influenced by the waswas of the jinn who wants to harm them.


3 Establish a counterattack

Too many brothers and sisters affected by mystical diseases give up because they are tired, scared or simply out of ignorance.

For the patient : do not come to roqyah as if you are going for a surgery, expecting the raqui the raqui to do everything. One of the main keysof your recovery is your ability to fight. And it is well known that the best defence is attack.


The mind plays an important part in the healing process. Witchcraft and jinns have less power over a person who as a strong mind. Here are some keys that can help you in the mental battle against the jinn Insha Allah.

Kill your enemies in your dreams

EACH night, go to sleep with the intention of killing your enemies (jinns and sorcerers) in your dreams until your symptoms disappear. To do this, recite100 times verse 148 of surah baqarah before sleeping : "Aynama takunu ya ti bikumu Allahu jami'an inna Allaha 'ala kulli shay in qadir / Wherever you are, Allah will bring you all to Him. Verily, Allah is omnipotent". Be determined and angry for Allah against criminal jinns and the witchcraft that has been done to destroy you and take you away from Allah.

Jinns live in a world that is lower than ours, so when we see a jinn in our dreams, it is actually his reality so if we kill him in the dream, he dies for real Insha Allah.

To overcome the jinn

Leave no room for external thoughts, reject the jinns thoughts and impose your own. For example, when the jinn tries to talk you through your thoughts, ignore him and recite Ayat Kursi (S2V 255) with the intention of making Dawa to him or to burn him.

If you have a lot of nightmares in which you are attacked and you cannot fight the Jinn, here is a very simple exercise. You will replay the scene to your advantage. For example: you are chased by a black dog that bites you, you wake up terrified by that vision. Calm down by taking a deep breath through your nose and by exhaling through your mouth, do this 2-3 times. Then imagine the same scene except that this time you have the advantage. The dog chases you,you turn around, you take a sword and you slice it in half. Visualize this scene a dozen times . Then you go back to sleep with the intention of finding your attacker. In order to do that, use verse 148, Surah 2 quoted above.

Invoke Allah against your attackers and against witches

In addition to your duas, this prayercan make you shift from victim to attacker. Many patients are reluctant to make this step of invoking Allah against their attackers or even to kill the jinns in their dreams. Know that this change of perspective leads to the strengthening of the mind,which is very important in the healing process. As believers, we hate what God hates. Sometimes it is even essential, if you are a victim of serial witchcraft or if a sorcerer hates you personally, to ask Allah the destruction of the source of your problems.

We recommend that you do 11 units of prayer. After each Fatiha, recite one hundred times verse 33 ofsurah 68 :"Rabbana atihim di'fayni minal atha bi wal'anhum la'nan kabeeran" in each unit. It means :"Our Lord! inflict them a double punishment and curse them with a greatcurse". You will have recited it 1100 timesin total. While reciting, focus on the meaning of the verse and ask Allah to destroy all the sorcerers who have wronged you. May Allah swt help us and destroy all the sorcerers and their allies.