By the Grace of Allah, when I arrived in Abidjan in August 2006, I was appointed by the Imams of the community to install roqya centers in Ivory Coast. Today we have finished the first stage and we are starting the second.

1 Training of more than two hundred raqis

My first goal was to train nursing staff. By the Grace of Allah, in Abidjan only, has trained more than 200 brothers and sisters. Many today are experienced professionals who can handle any situation and deal with all new cases. Some have opened their centers and train their students, some are with them to assist, some practice occasionally or while travelling. Others have learned for their family and private setting.

2 A structured training program

Initially, there was on the job training. I was busy with patients and I needed the different tasks to be done. As the first students were trained and became professionals, we separated training from treatments, developed training levels with several modules, selected trainers and established written and audiovisual course material.

3 Proven results

More than 4,000 people were treated in Abidjan and the results are excellent by the Grace of Allah. Patients return for a check up at the end of treatment and the majority sees 85% of their problems disappear with the first treatment, if not all of them. An old man had such painful stomachaches that he could not stand or walk by himself for years. He went to all the hospitals and lost hope. The day he came to the center, he took the herbal tea, spent the whole night having diarrhea, and he returned the next morning standing and walking by himself and testifying that his pain was gone. Women came to show me the children they got after following the treatment after ten years of infertility. A five year old child came to us with cramped and huddled limbs: he could not stand or carry his hand to his mouth. Three days after, his mother came to testify to the radio: the child was standing, running and having fun, she believed in Allah before but now she believes in Him even more. The number of women that were possessed, had fits and had night husbands and who got cured are endless. Many patients managed to fight against their sorcerers and saw the evil turn against its authors: some had serious accidents, some became blind and others died. Sometimes they came to confess their crimes, asked for forgiveness and asked the patient to stop using Quran water. We can say that by the Grace of Allah, we have the cure for all the problems related to witchcraft and jinns.

4 Battles won

In France, sorcerers have no relationship with each other: they destroy people's lives and we treat them. They do not get involved in our work and we have not found a way to stop them. In Africa, in all the countries where we went to install roqya, sorcerers associated in hundreds to block our way. By Allah’s Might and because we persevered in praying and reading the Quran, we could repel their attacks, convert or kill their jinns and turn them against them. The hardest battle was against the Dozo, man-eaters. But Allah ultimately sent them a wave of riders with swords that decimated them. Now, by the Grace of Allah, we take the lead and destroy the witches before they attack us.

5 Developed techniques

When I came to Africa, I was pleased to see that the witchcraft was not too different from the one I saw in France. Nevertheless, we had to adapt to the peculiarities of African witchcraft : the excessive use of sacrifices and jinns. We managed to decode the sorcerers’ methods to defeat them, and Allah helped us with new techniques that have completely changed the balance of power, namely jinn catching and unveiling. These techniques enable us to catch any jinn, kill or convert him and then send him to fight the sorcerers and the shayatin. We got the first jinn catcher in February 2007, today there are more than thirty by the Grace of Allah.


1 Inform the public

We assist people who have suffered for years, sometimes 20 or 30 years or even more and who have looked for solutions everywhere in vain, losing their money when it is not their faith. We want people to know that the solution to all these problems exist, and it is relatively simple. That is why we had a press conference on January 5th, 2008 during which we informed the media of our journey and our results. We demonstrated in front of them the catching of a present lady’s night husband jinn: he refused Islam and we killed him in front of everyone. We continue our communication actions in mosques, conferences, at Bayan radio, on TV. We hope that we will be more present in the media, especially in TV programs.

2 Centers in all cities

It was necessary to focus first on the capital to install a stable base. Now we want to train people and to establish centers in all cities. By the Grace of Allah, during this campaign, we are able to train nursing staff and to establish centers in Korhogo, Bouaké, Yamoussoukro, Daloa and Gagnoa. We are welcomed in all these places by religious authorities, the people and the intellectual elite.

3 The involvement of imams

The imams were notably absent from this epic. We have not carried out any particular action against them and the courses were open to all. The majority of our students were student activists, active preachers and middle-aged people. Imams in mosques support us but we expect more from them. Since these are mystical and spiritual diseases, that the cure is in the Quran, and that people may do shirk if they do not find an Islamic solution, it is necessary that the imams play a role. I am not saying that every imam should practice roqya as everyone is not able and does not have time for this. Nevertheless, there is essential information that every imam should know as part of his duties: to understand the mystical phenomena and to explain to the Muslims how to protect themselves, how to tell if a problem has a mystical origin and where to get treatment. We pass on the information to a maximum of imams. It is such a shame to see people suffer for years of certain diseases for which the solution is simple, does not require any commitment and is not risky: I want these simple teachings to be available to imams who want it. Finally, the imam can be a complete raqi, managing all the cases, known by the Muslims. Of all the imams and the servants of Allah, who deserves this more than raqui imams? I address this paper to the imams of the community in order to ask for their help.

4 Cooperation with the medical profession

Many diseases and health problems have a mystical origin and many of our patients have spent all their money in medicine without result: how many drugs, analysis, operations, trips to France without result? While some doctors are satisfied for having regular patients, we believe that many conscientious physicians are truly concerned about the health of their patients. Moreover, it is common that after some time, the doctors advise their patients to seek solutions at the village or with the religious authorities because they are not qualified to treat that type of illness. Nevertheless, even if doctors admit their inability to treat the patients, they do not necessarily know where to refer their patients and fear that the patients may get more harm than good. We want to formalize this cooperation with doctors and it can be done in three steps. First we gather the medical records of patients for whom the medical profession was helpless and who got cured with roqya. Then, reinforced with these strong cases, we offer the doctors and the hospitals to send us their patients with pathologies that we consider have a mystical origin. After the treatment, the patients go back to the physicians so that they can analyze the changes in their condition. The scientific process is complete: observation, experimentation, verification and therefore law and scientific truth. We then end up with the third step : the official recognition of mystical diseases and their treatment with roqya. This will be a great good for patients and a victory for Islam that will surely by the will of Allah have a broad impact. This may seem far away, but with Allah it is closer than we imagine, so pray with us.


By the Grace of Allah, here are our goals : to relegate witchcraft, clairvoyance, the worship of jinns and the fetishism to the past; that faith in Allah destroys polytheism in these countries; that the dark forces that cripple and paralyze these African societies, both at individual and collective level, and divert the normal course of events are demolished. By the Grace of Allah, we can feel that these goals are reachable. We only started Phase II but Allah is with His servant to the proportion of his faith and trust in Him. Phase III involves systematically catching jinns for the patients, their homes, their work and their sorcerers, and the news whether it is related to politics, economics, sports, social or cultural activities. Even if there is no witchcraft, jinns are in all human activities and affect them negatively most of the time.