Alhamdu lillah wassalatu wassalamu ‘ala rassool illah. Ruqya is a very important subject because

1- many people are stuck in their lives and suffer for years and don’t find solutions anywhere,

2- many fall in shirk looking for cure, and this shirk is often hidden behind religious appearance intentionally or by ignorance. So it is very important to have an Islamic solution to this problem.


Allah says: “and from the evil of those who blow on knots”

“And the day We gather them all: “O djinns you have too much abused of humans”” Anaam 128.

“In the same way, any prophet who came to the previous ones, they said: he is a sorcerer or possessed” Dhariyat 52.

“He is a just a man possessed by djinns” Believers 25, for Nooh alayhi salam.

“We say it is just one of our divinities that threw a bad spell on you” Hud 54 for Hud alayhi salam.


First of all, how do you know you have a sihr and djinn problem? There are four symptoms.

1- Blockages in life: you can’t get a job or keep your money, you can’t get married or have children, you can’t study or pass examinations, whenever people promise to help you they won’t fulfill, if you earn money you cannot get any more until it is finished, etc. It is the knots: your life is attached.

2- Unusual health problem: you have pains or illnesses that doctors can’t understand, examinations are negative and treatments don’t work, like girls falling in schools, cuts that last for years, if you eat sorcery you will have stomach pains, if you walk on sorcery you will have leg pains, etc. Epilepsy: “Like the possessed one shaked by Shaytan” Baqara 275.

3- Unusual mental states: anger, sadness, depression, fear, forgetting a lot, doubts and confusion, hearing and seeing things; it can go do madness. “How to separate husband from wife” Baqara 102.

4- Nightmares: people or animals chasing you, dogs, bulls, snakes, soldiers, water, climbing, flying or falling, dead people or graves, vehicles and sexual dreams. “To remove the impurity of Shaytan” anfal 11.


Now, Allah says: “We bring down a Quran which is remedy and a mercy for believers” (Al-Isra 82) so we are going to explain how each one can treat himself and his family with Quran. If you have these symptoms you understand that someone made sorcery to you to block your life and djinns are often sent with the sorcery. Take a 20 or 25l gallon of water and read on it: Fatiha, Ayat Kursy, Ikhlas, Falaq, Naas, Araaf V117-122, Yunus V81-82 and Ta-Ha V68-70, 11 times each. Once you have done that, that water will remove sihr, djinns and evil eye by Allah’s will. You shall drink from it twice a day and bathe every evening with 1.5 liter: fill a bottle or a kettle and empty it on your body after your shower. You can heat it if you wish. You can bathe in the shower but you have to stand in a big basin to collect the water and throw it outside in a clean place. Repeat this during 12 days. Spray your house with that water: roof, ground, walls, doors and windows; if you have a shop, workplace, vehicles or construction that is not working because of sihr, spray it all it will go in sha Allah.

Reading Quran on water to drink, bathe and spray the house is much more efficient than simply reading or listening to a tape; the difference is like cooling yourself with a fan and cooling yourself under a shower. The verses I mentioned are the fundamentals in ruqya, but you can add many more verses in hadeeths, ruqya books or any verses you want, or read more than 11 times; the more you read the strength of Quran is increasing in the water. So if your problem is difficult, read more and more until the water will overcome it in sha Allah. And if you can’t read all those verses, read more those you can read; this is why anyone can and should use this method.

When you read on the water also put in front of you a bottle of olive or habba sawda oil or shea butter and rub your body with it after bathing: as long as the oil is on your body the Quran will be working on you. Put also some incense to light it and smoke it under your wrapper or your robe after bathing: that will help chase the djinns away from you especially if you are having sexual dreams.


This general treatment is very efficient and recommended for any person. For those who want to learn more, this is the full treatment.

We treat sihr, djinn and ‘ayn problem, but it all comes to sihr treatment. ‘ayn is the softest of the three and it’s treatment is always included, and if it gets very strong we will treat it like sihr. Djinn mostly comes by sihr, and fighting the djinn without removing the sihr is tiring for the raqi, the patient and the djinn with little result, even if you force him to go, the sihr will force him to return. Lover djinns are mostly sent by sihr to block marriage or having children. Even if djinn has no relation with sihr, there often is sihr within the person that allowed the djinn to enter his body.

Sihr is removed according to how it was made, and not according to its effect. For example if you eat sihr, would it be to separate the couple or loose your job or block your intelligence, the solution is the same: remove it from the stomach, either by vomiting or by diarrhea. There are foru ways of doing sihr:

1- Eaten, remove it by sana. Boil 1 full tablespoon with ½ liter of coranic water ten minutes and drink on empty stomach. If it makes pain, that shows there is eaten sihr, continue drinking every day, pain will decrease until there is diarrhea with no pain, then we know sihr is finished. For young children give half doses according to their weight. Children often get eaten sihr through their mother, that makes children very disobedient and physically weak. They must be given san 4 days, if possible through breastfeeding. In any doubt of sihr, do the treatment because it is medical sunna and harmless anyway.

2- Put in the body by a djinn and makes pain and disfunctioning, that is removed by hijama – cupping. In order to remove sihr by hijama, you have to place the hijama on the place where there is the problem or closest place and read the ruqya on the patient. The ruqya cupping is a bit different from medical cupping: it is very light cutting because we only need an exit for djinn and sorcery and it can be done at any time. We need women training on hijama to make hijama to women.

3- Symbolic made by distance with hair, photo, clothes or other things, then knots are tied, animals slottered, etc, then put in a well, a river, in a grave, in the toilet etc. We remove it by specific verses we add in coranic water either by reciting 11 times or writing once and diluting. We have 45 verses for 45 different kinds of sihr and the way to recognize each one.

4- By contact, mainly stepped on. It makes leg pains and heaviness and skin diseases like psoriasis. We treat it by cupping, washing, oil and incense.

The treatment can be increased by washing morning and evening, by adding more verses in the water by reading them or writing, particularly specific verses for symbolic sorceries, by reading ruqya on all house, body and cleaning products, by repeating hijama and reading on the patient during the 12 day treatment.


Allah has preferred humans on djinns because Allah says: “I am putting a caleef on earth” when djinns were already on earth: so it is the man who is the caleef of Allah and not the djinn. And when Allah created Adam, he asked Iblis to bow to him and did not ask Adam to bow to Iblis. All the prophets Allah sent were only humans, sent for men and djinns. So we will explain in sha Allah that however a djinn attacks you, you can easily beat him and even kill him.

1- Most often, djinns attack people in dreams: you see militaries, a dog, a bull or anything else attacking you. If you remember in your dream to say: “Bismillah! Allahu akbar!” or read Quran, that will stop him and he will run away. So you must hold him first and then read Ayat Kursi until he is dead; if he dies in the dream, he is really dead. How to remember in your dream to catch him and read? You must prepare yourself before sleeping. After your regular azkar, read many times: “Aynama takunu ya’ti bikum Allahu jamee’an, inna Allaha ‘ala kulli shay’in qadeer” (Baqara 148) which means: “Wherever you are, Allah will bring you all, for Allah is Almighty”, and ask Allah to bring you your enemies in your dreams and to give you the strength to beat them. Even if it is someone else having the djinn problem, like your child having nightmares, your wife seeing a man sleeping with here, your mother hearing voices confusing her, you can do the zikr yourself and ask Allah to bring his djinn in your dream, and you will kill him and the person will be relieved. Even if you see the person making sihr to you, just kill him in your dream with your bare hands or a knife or by reading Quran, in sha Allah his evil will return against him.

2- Some people when sleeping will feel crushed and paralyzed: those are also djinns attacking people. If you feel that first of all catch him. How? Just close your hands, try to tighten your hands with the intention of holding him. Then you start reading in your mind – just leave your tongue as it is blocked: “Allahu la ilaha illa huwa alhayyu lqayyoom…” until your tongue is released. Then you keep reciting loudly and hold tightly your hands until he is dead or maybe runaway.

3- It happens to see djinns, very rarely. If it happens, djinns cannot appear or disappear while you are looking at them, so look at him fixly and read ayat kursi until he is dead.

4- Some people fall, scream, shake and djinns might speak through their mouths: they are possessed by djinns. It occurs more often to women because sihr is mainly a matter of jealousy, harming people without any benefit, and that is mostly amongst women, also because sorcerers use male djinns more than females, and they like women to abuse of them; also because women are more emotional – crying or fearing easily – than men so a djinn in a woman’s body can overtake her easier than a man. So if you see that situation what is to be done? Hold the person, read ayat Kursi near his ear and hit his neck with the edge of your hand gently as if your hand was a sword and you are cutting his head off. After a few minutes, the djinn will feel his head being cut off and will run away and the person will wake up. Then you tell him: “Now we are going to ask Allah to bring him back so we will finish with him; we are not going to let him play with us, every time he will come and every time he will go” and recite Baqara 148 until he is back. When he is back, the situation has reversed: instead of the djinn possessing the man, it is the man possessing the djinn because we have brought him by the will of Allah and the power of Quran; and this time we will read Kursi and hit his neck and he cannot escape, until either he dies either he becomes muslim. Then we tell the person we are going to ask Allah to bring all the djinns remaining where he came from: house, sorcerer, ancestors’ pacts or worshipped djinns, and read “aynama” until they come all, then give them daawa to become muslim. If the patient went through that, he can catch any djinns by the will of Allah. Djinn catching is a new technique that allows us to treat people faster and remove sorcerers’ djinns to break their power. Alhamdu lillah, after a lot of suffering of raqis and patients with djinns and sihr, we have the means to beat them.

5- Mental way. For example if you have too much sexual dreams and you understand it is djinns, before sleeping, speak to them, say: “you djinns who come in my dreams, come here, I want to speak to you”, that will compel them to come. Then you read soorat Arroom verse 21 about 30 times and that will show them marriage with humans is wrong and they will find happiness with djinns. If there is a place where people make sacrifices for djinns, call them and read Anaam 162-163 about 30 times: that will break all previous sacrifices in sha Allah and compel them to become muslim. Then you can throw all the stuff used for djinns.


To protect yourselves read Ikhlas, Falaq and Naas three times after subh, after maghrib and before sleeping; Ayat Kursi after each prayer and before sleeping; a’uzu bikalimatillahi tammati min sharri ma khalaq, bismillahi llazi la yadurru ma’a ismihi shay’un fil-ardi wa la fis-sama’i wahuwa ssamee’ al’aleem, three times after subh and maghrib. Say “Bismillah” at five moments: when entering your house, before eating, before removing your clothes, before entering the toilet and before intercourse with wife or husband. In each of these situations there are important duaas of Prophet (s) to learn and recite, but even if you don’t know them at least say “Bismillah” and all those living in your house teach them to say “Bismillah” in these moments. Also don’t leave in your house a picture or a statue of something alive - human or animal - exhibited because it is an entry to djinns in the house and angels will run away from the house. Even if it is the photos of your parents, your wedding or your children, put them in an album and don’t let them exposed. Also mention Allah in three situations: anger, sadness and fear, because they are moments of weakness of man where djinns can dominate us. In anger say: “A’uzu billahi mina shaytani rajeem”, in sadness say: “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon”, in fear say: “Allahumma inna naj’aluka fi nuhurihim wa na’uzu bika min shururihim”. Also say “bismillah” when you cross wet places, especially dirty water or if you throw something in water especially boiling water. Now, if you make any sins, all the protections will go: you cannot disobey Allah and Allah will still protect you. For example, prophet (s) said that if you say when you leave your house: “Bismillah, tawakkaltu ‘ala Allah, wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah” angels will protect you and devils will go away from you. But if you say that then start looking at women, or if a woman says it but does not cover her body as Islam asks, so the angels will leave and Shaytan will be back with him. So the first and most important of all protections is to leave sins first. In the end, there is nothing you can attach on you or keep with you or put in your house or car or business that will protect you; it is only your deeds and prayers and piousness, as said Rasool Allah (s): “Keep Allah (search for his agreement) and He will keep you; keep Allah and you will find Him with you”. May Allah guide us His ways and teach us the benefits of Quran.


Sihr and future telling are shirk and kufr but there are 4 shirk practices many muslims do and ignore their gravity.

1 Sacrifices for djinns

Slottering animals, pouring milk or food in river or sea, lighting candles on graves, etc, any kind of offers for djinns is shirk. For example if you are told to kill a black goat or chicken to get cured, that is requirements of djinns, and even if you say “bismillah” on killing it is still shirk.

We once visited a local king in Africa. He told me that since he became king, he had children born disabled, his wives have mysterious illnesses, doctors operate them and don’t understand the problem. We brought the jinns with him by Allah’s grace and they said: “We are the guardians of the palace! I said: you are the guardians of the palace, and why are these people ill? They said: But we need to be paid!” That means it is the djinns his ancestors allied with to get the power that “feed” on royal family’s health! So the djinns don’t have something to give us. Whatever they will give you: money, job, marriage, exams, elections, etc, they are taking from your right pocket to put in your left one, you are paying it with your health and children etc, and whatever you obtain there will be no happiness in it.

2 Using names of djinns in duaa, zikr or writing

We once received an imam who said he wanted to learn Roqya so we were happy. Then he said he had powerful formulas to cure people, remove jinns from women and other situations; he received them from his forefathers and it is transmitted from generation to generation. But it contains words he does not understand: “Hashtaboosh, kashkoosh, tashtoosh, etc”. I told him we cannot use this, we only treat with Quran. When we say things we don’t understand, we don’t know if it is good or not. He said: “Indeed, Imam Malik said : “wa ma yodrika la’allahu kufr”- you don’t know, it could be kufr, when you say things you don’t understand ». I said: “We will bring in sha Allah the jinns behind these words and we will see what it is about”. They were wild devils – shayateen - and the formula is a satanic pact, as soon as you say it devils comes to accomplish your will. The imam was astonished. He and his ancestors were making kufr without knowing the satanic basis of their methods and thinking they are benefiting from a divine grace. Their good intention and love for the religion, their ignorance of the seriousness of their actions is not an excuse, and people following them are not excused either.

3 Rings or bracelets for luck or protection

We received a patient who had a ring which was a piece of metal bent like a ring. He said he was given that for luck. We brought the djinns linked to it and they said they are giving him luck in his business but they are taking his health and children. I asked how did the maraboo do this ring. They said: “He went to the forest and prayed for us for a week”. I asked: “What kind of prayer?” They said: “The same as you do”. I said: “But what is the difference?” They said: “He prays without ablution. And after that he gives us a sheep and wrappers, then he makes the rings”. So some do satanic things not knowing it is kufr, but others are fully aware they work with Shaytan and do their best to please him.

4 Tama’im or ktab or hijab or hereez or grigris or djudjoos or taaweez

They are all the same contents in arab world, black Africa, Islands, Turkey and Indian world.

Rasoolallah salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam said “tama’im” – anything attached for protection is shirk, but some ulama of hanafi and chafii madhhab excepted the taaweez that only has quran and duaa that are permissible to say, nothing else, but all the taaweez we remove from patients in 95% of cases contain other things, funny names, signs, squares with letters or numbers. I will talk a bit of the squares with numbers, what do they mean? Some say it is the names of Allah and verses of quran turned into numbers so they will not be introduced in toilets, and that is false because the same taaweez has quran verses so that has nothing to do with the toilets. And how can words be turned into numbers? Arabs used letters for numbers on abcd base: alif is 1, ba is 2, djeem is 3, dal is 4, ha is 5, etc then 10, 20, 30 etc then 100, 200, etc. So for example Allah: A is 1, Lam is 30, Lam is 30 and Ha is 5, so total is 66. So can we replace Allah by 66? Can you say: 66, help me, 66, protect me? That is total nonsense. If you fill a whole page with 66 and keep it with you, will that protect you? Absolutely not. For example they say “Bismillah Arrahman Arraheem” is 786 – I didn’t check it out, so can you before eating say: 786! And eat? Will that stop shaytan eating with you? Can you before entering toilet say: 786! And enter toilet? That is totally worthless. And what is the meaning of the squares with the numbers? I was given 20 books on taweez and none of them explain what those squares stand for, they just give ready formulas for use. One taweez maker said it is a secret. What is the point of keeping secret useful information for Islam and Muslims? He said: because some could make sihr with it. And that is the answer because it is sihr itself! We catch the taweez djinns and ask them what these squares and numbers are and they tell us: vertical lines are the lines of the person’s life: his age, his health, his wealth, his marriage and his children. Horizontal lines are the work djinns are supposed to do to disturb your life. The numbers are codes of djinns to call them, each one has a specific work to do. This is the secret they can’t say.

We treated once a woman in Dakar, and she came back and said that the jinn was still with her. We asked her if she removed all the taweezs. She said that she removed them all except one, because she was once very ill and she went to a maraboo and he gave her this taweez and she recovered her health back. We brought the jinn that was with the djudju and I asked him: “What are you doing with this woman?” He said he received a sacrifice - which is shirk – to give her health, but in exchange, she won’t be able to get married nor to get a job. So first of all it is shirk and secondly if it does any good to you, it will harm you more, as Allah says: “And there were men asking protection from jinns but they harmed them more” (Jinns 6).


As a conclusion, we have 5 objectives in our roqya group:

1- helping people that are stuck and suffering in their lives,

2- saving muslims’ eeman from shirk,

3- a daawa means for non muslims,

4- fighting sorcery and shirk until it disappears totally,

5- breaking ruqya business by teaching and showing it to everybody.  

Ben Halima Abderraouf is born in Tunis in 1967 from a Tunisian father and an American mother. He grew up in both cultures until he embraced Islam at the age of fifteen. He since engaged in learning and teaching Islam through student, youth and daawa organizations. He came to continue his studies in France in 1986 then settled there. Statistical and economic engineer, Olympic mathematical champion, he also achieved hifz on his own and passed a master degree in Arabic. After tremendous experience in daawa in various communities and countries, he gave full time to Islamic activities since 1995 and founded a French Islamic publishing house where he wrote, translated and edited 20 books, including the translation of Hayat Assahabah of Al-Kandahlaoui. He is practicing Roqya professionally since 1997 and since 2005 spends most of the year in tours for explaining Roqya and shirk issues, treating, training and installing Roqya centers in Africa and elsewhere. He has now over 60 roqya centers in 20 countries in Africa and Europe and Indian Ocean.