Allah has preferred men on djinns because Allah said to the angels: "I will put a caliph on earth" (Baqara), whereas the djinns were already on earth. So it is not the djinn who is the Caliph of Allah on earth but man. Also, when Allah created Adam, Allah ordered Iblis to prostrate before Adam but did not order Adam to prostrate before Iblis. Moreover all the prophets Allah has sent are only human, there has never been a prophet djinn, men were prophets to the men and djinn. So Allah has preferred men on djinn.

There is now another reality: however a djinn would attack a human, you can easily dominate him and even kill him. The most common is in dreams: you see a dog attacking you in your dream, a snake, soldiers, etc.. They are djinns coming in that shape - but sometimes it is the wizard who attacks in the dream. When you see him, if you have the reflex to say "Bismillah! Allahu akbar! "Or read the Quran, it will block him, he will stop and then flee. The correct thing to do is to catch him first and then read the Quran, preferably ayat Korsi until he dies. To do this, we must be prepared before sleep: recite ayat Korsi, then the three Qul in your hands and wipe your body, repeat this three times, then add " aynama takoonoo yati Bikumu Allahu jamee'an inna Allaha 'ala kulli shay 'in qadeer "(baqara 148), which means:" Wherever you are, Allah will bring you all, Allah is almighty" as much as you can, up to 100 times and ask Allah to bring the djinn bothering you in your dream and to give you the strength to overcome them. As soon as you see them in dreams, catch them and recite until they are all dead. Even if it is someone else who has a problem with djinns, like your child crying at night, or your wife having sexual dreams, or your mother hearing voices disturbing her, you can yourself ask Allah to bring them in your dreams, catch them, kill them and the person will be relieved. For wizards, you can catch them exactly the same way in dreams, then you must kill them either by reciting Quran or with your bare hands or with a knife or other weapon. There are sorcerers who have died after that, others have had serious accidents and others for whom nothing was seen. In any case try.

The second way a djinn attacks a human is that some people when they are sleeping or falling asleep feel a force that paralyzes them: they cannot move or speak, and sometimes they cannot breathe. It is a djinn attacking them that way. What should you do then? First of all catch him. And how can you catch him while you are stuck? Just close your hands firmly as to catch something, just try to close your hands even a little bit with the intention to grasp him. Once you have done this, you begin to recite in your head: "Allahu la ilaha illa huwa l-alhayyou qayyoum ..." ayat al-Kursi, because your language is blocked, you language and let you recite in your head until your tongue is released. Then you recite with your tongue and you keep on reciting, holding your hands tight and you recite into your brain until he dies and it is over. Sometimes people ask me how can we be sure he is really dead? Indeed, we can not know: sometimes he runs away from death. But even in this case, he will not come back in cha Allah, you are free from him.

The third case is when the djinn appear in our lives. You can not see the djinns in their natural shape; it is as if you are asking; what the shape of a perfume or music: they do not have one. They are defined differently. But it happens that the djinn take a shape to appear in our lives as snake, dog, cat, bird or human being, as it was the case with Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him. So if you see this, a strange human being, a little scary and who seems mystical, what should you do? You have to know that djinns cannot appear or disappear as you look at them: you cannot be watching an empty spot and a djinn will appear before you. You have to be looking elsewhere, then you turn around and suddenly there is a man or an animal, you do not know how it came there. And once they are there, they cannot disappear before your eyes: you have to look elsewhere and when you turn it has disappeared. So if you see this weird thing, mystical, a little scary, and you suspect that it is a djinn - or a sorcerer-what are you going to do? First you're going to stare at him. From the moment you look at him fixedly, he cannot go, you have caught him just with your eyes. Then you recite ayat al-Korsi - if you do not know it, you recite the Fatiha - and if it is a bad djinn or a devil or he wanted to hurt you, you will continue until he dies and that is it.

The fourth case is possession: the person falls into a trance, struggles, djinns talking through him, etc.. So you hold the person, you hit her neck gently with the back of your hand as if you have a machete and you cut his head. After a few minutes, the djinn will actually feel his head cut off and he will run away. Then you tell the person: now we will ask Allah to bring him so that we can kill him, we will not let him play with us whenever he likes it. You recite "aynama ..." until he returns. Now, the situation is reversed: instead of the djinn possessing the person it is the person possessing the djinn, because we brought him back with the power of Allah and the Quran. This time we recite and hit the neck and he won’t be able to escape, so we will continue until he either dies or converts and there is no third option. Once this is done, we ask Allah to bring all the djinns from where he is from: if it is a djinn of the house, we ask Allah to bring all the djinn from the house, if he has been sent by a sorcerer, we ask Allah to bring all the djinn who remain with the sorcerer, if he is a djinn from a pact done by the ancestors with the djinn, we ask Allah to bring all the djinn from this agreement, if it is a djinn that people worship at a fetish, a river, a forest or a mountain, we ask Allah to bring all the djinn that people worship there. Once they are all there, we will discuss with them until they become Muslims. After all these operations, the patient can become a djinn catcher.

The fifth method is the "mental” one. You will directly speak to the djinn to convince him. For example, in the case of a djinn lover, you will talk to him before going to sleep, even if you do not hear and see him, he hears and sees you, and when we address them, they are compelled to listen. It is like you are praying and people are talking next to you, you are disturbed but you can try to concentrate. But if you are praying and someone starts talking to you, "This is not the right way to pray, your clothes are dirty, etc…" Then you can no longer concentrate and you are forced to listen to him. This is how the djinn are compelled to listen when we speak to them. So you tell him: "Hey you, the djinn who comes into my dreams, come here, I have to talk to you. Marriage between a Djinn and a human being is not possible, "and you read Surah 30 verse 21:" And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought. "You repeat it until you feel that it has effect on him. Then you say: "If it is a pact or charm that brought you to me, listen," and you recite Sura 9 verse 1 to cancel the pact. When you're done, you say: "Now, if I see you again in my dreams, I will kill you!» And you sleep. If you have "Khamb - altars for sacrifice and djinn worshiping" in your house and you are afraid to get rid of it or you can not because it does not belong to you, go to them and say, "Hey djinn, do you want offering? Listen! "And you recite verses 162 and 163 of Sura 6:" Say, "Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah , Lord of the worlds. No partner has He. And this I have been commanded, and I am the first [among you] of the Muslims." for a long time until all the sacrifices offered to djinn are destroyed and that they are all converted. So you can adapt this method to all situations and use the verses for djinn catching for each case. May Allah give us victory over the disbelievers and give us back our caliphs position.