Praise to Allah and blessings and peace

His Messenger During a Roqya campaign in Reunion Island, we have taken tens of taaweez’s off our patients, we have opened them and we found them of three kinds:

- The first kind has only Quran and prophetic prayers and is very rare, about one out of thirty. Mostly they are wrapped in tissues with taaweez’s of the second and the third kind. Sometimes they are written by hand and sometimes they are printed and photocopied. This kind has been allowed by a group of Muslim scholars so we don’t forbid it and we don’t fight it.

- The second kind contains clear kufr words according to our understanding and we will give some examples of them. The most widespread taaweez in Reunion Island, in nearly all shops and many houses contains a square with the letters of HAFIZ (protector) and this verse of poetry under it:

I have five to turn off the heat of difficult hardships: Mustafa, Murtaza, their two sons and Fatima. So the protector meant in the square is not Allah but these five!

You also find this verse in some taaweez’s and some books of du’aa.

Next example is the word “Baddooh”, most often being called ”Ya Baddooh” we find in may taaweez’s, sometimes alone like a square totally filled with “Ya Baddooh” and sometimes mixed with other names like “Ya Fattah Ya Baddooh” and sometimes with other words like “I glorified him by your Lord, O djinnkind, by the truth (or right) of Baddooh”. How I understand this sentence is that the author of the taaweez has glorified the bearer of the taaweez in the eyes of the djinns by the truth and right of Baddooh, and this is amongst the worst we have seen.

In a taaweez, after a series of weard names: “answer quickly to so-and-so daughter of so-and-so”!

In some books of du’aa, in some plates to decorate the house and in some taaweez’s you get this poetry:

Call Ali

Call Ali who shows marvels you will find him a help for you in difficulties

Any problem and worry will be cleared by your prophecy, Muhammad,

And your alliance, Ya Ali, Ya Ali, Ya Ali, help, help, help, save us, save us, save us.

It is also a wird some briwli sheikhs give to their followers, and it is not limited to shee’a, even sunni ‘amils put it in taaweez’s.

In many taaweez’s you find: “My God, by the right or by the sacred Yimleekha, Maksaleema, kashfootat, bityanoos, etc (three other names), and their dog Qitmeer”. They are supposed to be the cave people, and what is the right of the cave people and how sacred are they? And what is the right of their dog? How can you ask Allah by the value of a dog? In some taaweez’s: “By the right of Ya Yimleekha, Ya Maksaleema, etc.”

In some taaweez’s: “Ya Jibreel, Ya Mikaeel, Ya Azraeel, Ya Israfeel” and in others without “Ya”.

In a taaweez: “wa lam yakun hafiz mara lahu kufu’an ahad”. That means the so-called Hafiz Mara has none equal to him! That is using Allah’s attributes in Quran for the benefit of someone else.

- The third type is all the rest: it contains numbers, symbols, non understandable words, isolated letters and mostly tables with numbers inside. Notice that the first type is present in nearly all taaweez’s and the second type has also some of the third. This third kind of taaweez, although we don’t know its meaning and its effect, it is included in the general hadeeths: “Whoever hangs a tameema (object of protection) has committed shirk” reported by Ahmad and Tirmizi and “Whoever hangs something has given it control on himself (wukkila ilayh)” reported by Ahmad and Hakim, and it cannot be included in the exception for the first type.

Let’s search the meaning of these numbers. Some ‘amils say it is the addition of the letters converted to numbers of verses of Quran so they will not be introduced in toilets, and this is fqlse because the very same taaweez’s have Quran verses and other duaas clearly written in Arabic, so it is not a question of introducing Quran in toilets. And if you look at the numbers in the table you can realize it is not the totals of verses of Quran. For example you get a 16 square table with all the numbers between 6505 and 6530; how did we get verses with so close totals? Without ever repeating the same number? Can’t you see it is numbers of successive items like identity cards or professional cards as if you are saying: “We call number 6505; we call number 6506; etc.” No doubt, it is djinn numbers and identifiers. What do you think of a table with nine squares with numbers from 1 to 9? That cannot be the total of any verses or words. In a taaweez book is written: “And the (reason) hikma of these tables is a secret Allah reveals only to His closest allies (waliy)”. We have fetched in 25 taaweez books the explanation of these tables and we only found this sentence mentioning it is a secret between Allah and his closest allies. Is it believable that Allah the Almighty has inspired one of his beloved ones the secret of these tables and he started producing these tables and writing books about them, and he might have taught that secret some others so they were a group knowing how to produce these tables and what is their effect and what it’s all about, so they wrote and spread the taaweez’s but they didn’t write anywhere the explanation of their functioning until that knowledge is now totally lost and we only have the taaweez models without any explanation of their functioning? This is highly impossible. How can a knowledge useful for Islam and Muslims, totally unknown in the roots and science of Islam, then Allah will give it to someone He loves as a very personal secret, then this knowledge will be totally lost and none of all the ‘ulama who wrote about this science can tell who brought it? So be sure my dear brothers that this knowledge is not an inspiration from Allah to His allies.One ‘amil said this secret is kept so that the sorcerers will not take advantage of it and make sorcery with it. Astonishing! The sorcerers have advisors who teach them the secrets of sorcery: “Human and djinn devils that reveal to one another tempting and deceitful words” (soorat anaam) and they bring them the news of the healers and they search their weak points by using djinns to attack them, so how can you hide your secret from them ? And this secret has been hidden until no one knows it now? One taaweez practitioner said that the Arabs have forbidden all taaweez’s by caution, but the Indians studied what the idol worshippers do in order to leave what contains shirk and keep what is useful. But how can you use what you don’t understand and transgress the clear hadeeths forbidding tameema and say you have avoided shirk? A ‘amil said that was hidden because it could be used for sorcery so it is hidden so that others don’t use it for sorcery. “This time you have said the truth!” (soorat Baqara): it is sihr, most surely, orders for the djinns to do such and such mission, with some words divinizing and glorifying them, and special codes for them, and it is the shirk rasool Allah (s) has forbidden clearly, and it is asking the protection of djinns that will just collect more harm for the person. If it was a protection with the words of Allah, it didn’t need all this complication and opacity, and Fatiha would have been enough with ayat al-Kursi, the three Qul and other clear, well-known and benefic verses and prayers of Holy Prophet (s) that Allah has not kept secret for His most beloved allies.

What the djinns say, even if their testimony is not a proof, is that these taaweez’s always attract djinns except the first kind, and it is kufr and sorcery and its origin is what devils show beautifully in the dreams of those who think they are pious with a lacking in their knowledge of Islam and a desire in their hearts for dunya, and that is what some call “the secrets of peers (awliya)”, or what others learnt from idol worshippers then did his best to cover it with verses of Quran to go and drive people astray, whilst others have been taught by devils in exchange of satanic acts people don’t know and they consider him as a great waliy. These testimonies are numerous and we have published them as well as the examples of taaweez’s on my website

The last proof that these taaweez’s have nothing to do with taqwa and knowledge of Islam is that their contents is the same as the African gree-grees made by maraboos who are ignorant of Islam and commit great sins and kufr deeds and are desperately greedy of dunya. Children are given to maraboos to learn Islam and he will occupy them by begging in the streets with hunger, depriveness and violence so they will bring him money, and teach them reading and writing so they will write the gree-grees and particularly what requires hundreds of times writing. By this education, Mercy and faith are washed out their hearts and whoever of them can obtain some secrets from his master will become on his turn a sorcerer with no relation with Islam except the name and shape. Look how the Indian scholar will accomplish his ‘ilm degree and his ustaz will give him the taaweez book and ijazat that has no relation with the science he has learnt and the African talibey who only knows about Islam how to make taaweez’s, and they do the same thing!

The author: Ben Halima Abderraouf is born in Tunis in 1967 from a Tunisian father and an American mother. He grew up in both cultures until he embraced Islam at the age of fifteen. He since engaged in learning and teaching Islam through student, youth and daawa organizations. He came to continue his studies in France in 1986 then settled there. Statistical and economic engineer, Olympic mathematical champion, he also learned Quran by heart on his own an achieved a master degree in Arabic. After tremendous experience in daawa in various communities and countries, he gave full time to Islamic activities since 1995 and founded a French Islamic publishing house where he wrote, translated and edited 20 books, including the translation of Hayat Assahabah of Al-Kandahlaoui. He is practicing Roqya professionally since 1997 and since 2005 spends most of the year in tours for explaining Roqya and shirk issues, treating, training and installing Roqya centers in Africa and elsewhere.