1 Breaking-up the couple

This is the most frequent issue, the one given by Allah as an example to how much evil can come from sorcery: “...They learned from them the means to sow discord between man and wife (...)” The Cow, 2/102. Two symptoms are specifically representative of it: the woman can no longer bear sexual intercourse nor find sexual pleasure; the couple argues for no reason, loving each other when far from one another and arguing as soon as they get back together. These symptoms would suddenly occur after a period of normal common life or even before the beginning of common life. Common clashes are different from the ones due to sorcery as they are based on real and understandable reasons that can be handled through reasoning and dialogue. The two symptoms previously mentioned are very characteristic to sorcery. Sorcery does not exclude real problems within the couple, but it will make it impossible to properly resolve them. Eventually, if nothing is done to stop it, disputes can worsen and end up in destroying love within the couple, reaching a point of no return - especially if the families get involved. It is therefore important to diagnose sorcery as early as possible to control its drawbacks.

In addition, sorcery may be used to prevent the wife having children or the man having sexual intercourse. This may happen in various ways: the wife has no periods or does not catch pregnancy at all, or she is victim of miscarriages after few days or months pregnancy, or has the baby die before birth; the husband will have no erection or will lose it when approaching his wife or even during sexual relationship, which is the worse.

The patient in need of cure must truthfully look at their issue/s so it can be fully understood and help sought.

2 Preventing work

The person meets all requirements to get a job, but with no valid reason, each of his tries fails. The job may be promised, due or guaranteed, but something will happen so it does not work, or the person will face a lack of energy or ambition.

3 Stopping studies

This can happen in various ways: the student cannot think but only learn by heart; they will forget everything; they will get headaches whenever they tries to study; problems occur during exam times; they thinks they will succeed but their results are just below the required average, etc.

4 Health problems

Sorcery may cause severe health disruptions. We have mentioned women's sterility and men's sexual impotence. It can also cause cancer, hemophilia, diabetes, kidneys’ or ovaries’ failure, water in lungs, hair loss and eczema… Psoriasis (autoimmune disease that appears on the skin), to my knowledge, is only due to sorcery. Doctors do not understand its mechanisms and have no appropriate treatment for it. The medical responses are:

-"Nothing irregular in the body, everything is alright". But the person keeps suffering.

-"There is a problem but we have never come across such one."

-"It’s stress", and they prescribe antidepressant drugs that arouse another problem without solving the former one.

-"You have such or such illness, but we do not understand how it came up".

- In all cases, there is no treatment or the treatment is not effective.

5 Apathy

The person loses all motivation and starts no action. They will constantly postpone things, sleeping all the time, starting something but soon giving up…

6 Fake love

The person, man or woman, is not in love with the other person but is obsessed about her, constantly thinks of her, sees the person everywhere and might think he is truly in love whereas there is logically no affinity or reasons to be attraction by this person. In fact there are no true feelings involved and the person wants to get married for some other reasons, interests or else.

7 Madness and death

The person will lose their common sense, doubt about everything and everyone, speak alone, think they are someone else, see things, make connections between all kinds of things, etc.

On the subject of death: the person will be tempted to suicide i.e. feel something pushing them to the window, or will want to open their vents with a knife, or take lethal drugs, or throw themselves under a running car, etc. They may also experience very dangerous accidents and close escape.

8 Subjugation

The person will obey the sorcerer or the person who sought sorcery on their behalf with no question; they will not resist or express any disagreement to them. When sorcerer is away the victim may regret being in submission and may even try to leave the sorcerer. However, in most cases the victim will defend its sorcerer when someone will try to come between them. This kind of sorcery is used in many cases: to financially exploit someone; a wife who wants to dominate her husband, or vice-versa; a mother who wants to lead her children to happiness; when a sorcerer wants to use someone as an accessory to his sorcery; sorcery that brings love.

9 Disobeying children

Sorcery affecting children mostly has an influence on their behavior and studies. The child will repeatedly get into mischief and will not stop no matter what the punishment is; the child does not understand what is happening to it and feels thrown into mischief and unable to behave themselves.

10 Other effects

- Self-imprisonment: the person will barely exit their house or country or not at all.

- Losing money, or if they earn money, they cannot not earn any more until whatever was earned is spent.

- Irritation.

- Unbalanced personality: the person will constantly experience changes in decisions, ideas, attitude or mood.

- Pathological doubt, fear and anguish.

- Endless streak of problems and misfortunes in life.

- Inherited sorcery: the child gets the sorcery from mother's womb. This generally goes along with a weak health for the child, disobedience and refusal of learning. The child may be very rebellious until late teens. As it is not meant for them in the first place, inherited sorcery has random effects on children.

On the other hand, if sorcery is directed to a pregnant woman with the aim of killing or spoiling the child, the latter may be handicapped.

- Sorcery may be conditional: the couple will break up after the birth of the first child; the husband will lose his job every time his wife joins him at work; etc.

Of course, there is sorcery people seek for their “success” in life: in order to get a job, to succeed in studies, to obtain a driving license, to win a case, to attract clients, etc. It is forbidden and puts one out of Islam, just as the “evil” sorcery is. I let aside this kind of sorcery as those people are not seeking cure.

- There is no limit to what can be programmed through sorcery.

11 Sorcery in the house, shop or car

It may cause disputes in a house and accidents. In a shop it can bring out disputes, decrease in business activity and cause accidents. In a car it may be source of accidents and breakdowns. Sorcery can also be directed to any object.

12 Dreams

The coming of sorcery is often announced in a dream: the person is bitten by an animal, hurt by someone or falls endlessly. He may also see snakes, dead people or graveyards. He may also see the person harming him, and do believe my experience, this always proves to be true.

13 Types of sorcery

We can divide sorcery into four types: food, stepped-on, put inside the body and made by distance.

Food related sorcery will, in 95% of the cases, engender digestive troubles: stomach or intestines troubles, such as burns, nausea, vomiting, lumps, gases, stings. These difficulties are permanent in general, but they sometimes last only a short period then disappear. They are medically unexplained, but burns might be soothed by a medical treatment. When a person suffers from these gastric troubles and has sorcery symptoms among those previously described, he can almost be sure he is victim of food sorcery. Notice sorcery may also be eaten accidentally: it was meant for someone and someone else ate it.

Stepped-on sorcery is mostly accidental: it was lying there for a reason or another and someone stepped on it. It mostly has effects on skin: cuts, eczema (psoriasis) and places on the body and mostly on legs, sometimes changing places and medically unexplained. It may also cause hair to fall or weakness in the legs. There is no effect of breaking a couple apart, preventing work or other effects, but only the physical effect. Sometimes sorcery is put on someone’s way - mostly in front of their house. It will then have the intended effect.

Sorcery put in the body means the sorcerer sends jinns to put the sorcery in the body of a victim. It is generally put in women’s ovaries to stop pregnancy; in man’s sexual organs to cause impotency, or anywhere in the body to cause pain and dysfunction. It happens that the sorcerer has sent jinns to the person so they can place sorcery into the body .Then the sorcery is placed for the reason of keeping jinns attached to the body. As long as the sorcery is in the body the jinn will not leave the victim. The raqi will not be able to remove the jinn unless they remove the sorcery first.

Sorcery may be put in the body only to complicate the healing of the person if he tries to get cured. You may think of it when you feel a permanent or recurrent pain in a specific place.

Distance sorcery is the most classic and common one and it may be complicated by using symbols. When a symbol is hang up it will dominate the person so they will go in circles returning to the same point instead of progressing.It may also affect their mental state when they start living in an imaginary world troubled by doubt, fear, indecisiveness, change of mood, etc. It also causes heavy head feeling or headaches, as well as dreams where they are risen to the top and then thrown down.

If a symbol is buried, it sucks the strength and energy out of the person causing them to have restless sleep and making them feel like a looser as well as depressed.

If such symbol is buried in a grave yard, the person becomes apathetic and melancholic: they do see any future and live on a day to day basis, they will think about death and dream of dead people or graves.

Sorcery symbol put in a well means the person will remain “on the bottom of the well” in whatever way it is intended. If, for example, financially, then they will never manage to break through the cycle of poverty or losing money.

Other types of such sorcery are related to menstrual periods in females: it causes gynecological problems, difficulties in having intimate relations and changes in emotional relationship between spouses. Sorcery with chain or padlock will chain the person to obstruct their business. It may also chain jinns to the person. Knots are often used to block communication: as soon as persons start a discussion they dispute over nothing; or to set obstacles in life: each time they overcome an obstacle, another will come up; or “knots” in the thinking: victim will not be able to get over a thought to progress further. Knotted strings come out in dreams as snakes.

Black tar is often used in sorcery to create darkness effect: the victim would see the life in dark colours and become depressed; people are not comfortable around the victim and avoid them.

Voodoo dolls are also used in sorcery. They have needles inserted in them to have the victim feel stinging sensation in different parts of their body as if needles were physically inserted into their bodies. Voodoo dolls can also be burnt, cut, buried, etc to hurt the victim in many different ways.

The ways symbols can be used are unlimited and sorcerers continue to invent new recipes: using animal fat to make a person fat, using donkey’s ears so someone becomes stupid, using dog’s hair to make a victim mean and aggressive, using frogs so someone becomes repulsive, official documents to mess with person’s work/business/operations, etc.

14 Multiple sorceries

All sorceries mentioned above may endlessly be combined. Except if treated, sorcery will stay for lifetime and they just add up. One can be so hateful they will send much sorcery and repeat this regularly so the victim will have a very high number of sorceries. Once overwhelmed with sorceries the victim gets to the stage when they totally lose control of their life.

15 Serial sorcery

It also happens that a sorcerer creates so many spells at once for one person, so that every time one is removed the next will start. For example, an ill person gets better for a few days and then falls ill again. The sorcerer may also be able to receive information about their victim from the jinn. If sorcerer is informed that the victim gets cured, they repeat the sorcery. In the first case is that the sorcery is different every time whilst in the second it is repeated. The second case is very rare: it happens when a sorcerer personally wants to harm the victim.

16 Reactions to the Quran reading

We can also use Quran recitation to assist diagnosing/treatment of a victim:

- The most typical reaction of sorcery is heat in the whole body: the sorcery is burning.

- The person may also feel things exiting from him: the sorcery is leaving.

- When person feels heavy or goose bumps, does not bare Quran being recited, cannot breathe or gets anxious - that shows presence of jinns.

- The person may relax, calm down and fall asleep: this may mean two things: either sorcery has been set in a person to make them anxious: the Quran reduces the effect of sorcery and the person relaxes; or sorcery was aimed to make the victim feel tired all the time. Even after a good night sleep they will feel tired: Quran provides relieving sleep for them and once they wake up they feel rested.

- If the person moves or speaks without his will: they have a jinn.

- Experiencing a headache: are due to jinns in the body or outside of the body. It also may be that sorcery affected one’s head or a sorcery symbol hanged which aims at the head of a victim.

- When a person shows few different reactions it means that they have combined problems. That is usually followed by tiredness and exhaustion.

- No or little reaction: the person has a little or no problem at all, or the jinn are outside the body and affecting them from the outside. In this case, a simple reading allows to burn the connection of the jinn with the person without reaching the jinn and that is enough to disconnect him. The reciter might find the task difficult.

- If a person does not react to the Quran recitation, but they have other clear symptoms of sorcery or jinn possession, then the treatment is still required. Obvious signs would be easily seen from the quality of life of the victim, they body, health, well-being, behavior, mental state and dreams. Quran recitation is not an exclusive diagnosis tool for sorcery or jinn possession.

17 Confusions

Sometimes, people will consult us because their daughter had fallen in love with a non-Muslim and think it is due to sorcery. In all those cases, it was a natural love and not an effect of sorcery. The girl’s behaviour may have changed and she left her family: that’s mostly because of lack of dialogue and open-mindedness. It does not exclude she is bewitched however; other issues arise from the fact that the girl is not confident enough to face her family to discuss the issue and therefore chooses to run away. We are sometimes asked to assist in bringing back a son/daughter or a husband/wife who left: that is pure sorcery. What we can do is recommending praying and seeking help from Allah and patiently accepting the test. Some think you get bewitched for “good” a reason; that is totally wrong, sorcery is anything, but a faith breaking act whatever the purpose is. Some want to succeed in marriage, exam or court trial: all these are acts of pure sorcery. If there is sorcery related an evil effect, it may be eliminated by eliminating sorcery. Otherwise, one should not interfere with the natural course of things. To get more blessings in one’s life, there is only one way: good deeds, prayer, being good with others, especially close relatives, and repent from sins.

Some think you should “rely on Allah” and refuse to relate their troubles to sorcery. First of all, notice that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “Allah, The Bearer of Greatness and Majesty, has created for each illness its remedy; so cure yourself” Reported by Ahmad. Health, time, money and relations with others are gifts from Allah and you cannot allow yourself to lose those by neglect. Remember, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and his companions faced all problems with maximum of wisdom and exploiting all possible means. So it is a mistake to think you can just count on Allah and neglect the means. On the other hand, it is also a mistake to relate to sorcery problems that are not due to it, this will waste your time and get you nowhere. One question establishes the difference: do these problems have a logical explanation? Can we overcome them normally by efforts and means? It happens that sorcery worsens a weakness of the person: anger, doubt, shyness… We then move from a state of weakness to the stage where we have no control of ourselves and cannot do what we think is right for us. This means that the same sorcery does not have the same effect on different people. For example, if a couple is very solid and both are gentle and respectful, sorcery would create misunderstanding and troubles; but if a couple where pride and selfishness are strong sorcery may destroy the relationship. I advise not to insist to cure people who refuse to believe in sorcery or who think they can get over it without your help; you will have enough to do with those who seek to be cured; those who do not need your help are the ones who will bring you most troubles and prove to be less grateful. However, always leave the door open in case they change their mind. Advise them to ask Allah to guide them to the solution.

Youth brought up in France, unfamiliar with sorcery matters, sometimes can hardly believe in it. However many cases of imprisonment, school and professional failure, family break ups and unbalance in personality are due to sorcery.


Evil eye is the lightest of the three troubles. The person usually is not aware of it and does not seek treatment. He feels heavy and tired, he lacks energy. Except in one case, when the evil eye strikes on a specific point and “breaks” an aptitude or a quality in the person, it then must be treated. For example, a student who passed their examination with an excellent result triggers people talking about them and then they are not able to repeat their academic success; a sportsman who always gets applauses for their achievements suddenly cannot improve or have accidents regularly. Besides, babies may be very much affected by evil eye: fever, loss of appetite and sleep. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity to the jinns in house to scare them. That is the most common explanation to children’s night fears: jinns living in the house take advantage of the “crack” made by the evil eye to scare them. We must then treat the child for evil eye and the house for jinns. People often think they have evil eye because they have “bad luck”; but this is sorcery.

Some people have this power of evil eye: as soon as they look at something admiring it, it breaks or deteriorates. It is a spiritual effect that cannot be explained by physical laws. Thanks to Allah, such people are few. Mostly this admiring look carries jealousy and wickedness. Evil eye can affect a person, a family, a vehicle, a shop, a house or whatever, even a small thing.

Another type of evil eye is the one made by a group. People start talking about someone, of their success, their beauty, their strength or anything, and then victims energy is broken, and they becomes unsuccessful, dull and lazy. This applies to anything, not just people: someone has successful business which suddenly goes bankrupt to due people’s bad eye. Evil eye can also be due to a group of jinns.


There are many reasons why jinn would interfere with humans, but there is always a reason. In all the following cases there are three possibilities: the jinn may be inside the body of a person, outside it or going in and out as he/she likes. When inside the body, he/she may possess the person and speak through them: this may be permanent, periodic or occasional.

1 Sorcery

The most frequent reason is sorcery. Sorcery does not need to be accompanied by jinn, but jinns are sometimes sent to strengthen the effect of sorcery. For example, to break up a couple, the jinn can give the man a disgusting or frightening appearance in the eyes of his wife; to prevent someone working they will get the employer to reject him or not trust him. But the most that jinns do is to mentally disturb the victim: they will have continuous thoughts about something as if someone is speaking inside their head all day long. Jinns also often play a role in illnesses and physical pains to disturb the body’s natural functioning.

Jinns sent by sorcery are forced to do the job. They may be good, true Muslims or wicked and unbelievers. The good ones will do the job with reluctance and the wicked one will add more.

In Africa particularly there is a long tradition of cooperation between jinns and sorcerers. As the original religion is worshiping statues and jinns through river, wood or sea, and slaughtering animals for them and offering various gifts, jinns have developed a science of serving sorcerers and accomplishing astonishing things for them. So, sorcerers would use the jinns with almost every sorcery. For example, the victim could completely loose his mind by having thousands of jinns sent to him. So, nearly all jinns you find in ill people are professionals working for sorcerers.

2 Revenge

Jinns live around us. Many of them live in disused and uninhabited places. Dirty and humid places are especially habited because jinns find their food in the remaining of meals and excrements. They can be found in old and ill-maintained houses, as well as new and well-maintained ones. By living around us, they avoid us; but a single brutal action without saying: “Bismillah” or throwing something away or pouring hot water, might reach them and harm them or cause handicap or death. Then they can retaliate or avenge one of their relatives by beating the person who inadvertently harmed them. The person may be partly paralyzed or feeling heavy, they may be anxious or depressed, be suicidal or having disturbing thoughts, etc. This often goes with nightmares: the person is beaten or prosecuted or chased by people. Jinns have less reason and more passion than we do. They have three strong passions: pride, love and vengeance. Jinns can devote his whole life doing nothing but retaliating against a person.

3 Love

If we undress without saying “Bismillah” jinns are able to see us naked. They may get attracted to us just like the humans. There is a kind of sexual compatibility between jinns and human beings. Also, having any kind of forbidden or shameful sexual act is an open door for jinns to join in. They may get linked to the person of their interest. Male jinns fall in love with women and females (jinniya) with men - homosexuality cases are rare with jinns.

The kinds of persons jinns like are the people with no wickedness in heart towards their fellows.

As we appreciate the good, we must hate the evil and have no mercy for persons involved in evil acts.

We must not show weakness in doing something what we do not want to do and what is wrong. A righteous person listens to their heart rather than trust non righteous persons. The inclination to accept what others say makes the person more vulnerable to the jinn or sorcery.

It occurs that a lover jinn stays incognito. Most of the time, the person will have erotic dreams. Generally these dreams are not “difficult” but rather pleasant for men because the jinniya appears as the ideal woman for the man. They also occur regularly while the norm for a young bachelor is once every 10-15 days. If it is a woman subject to the jinn, then the sex is very intense. If she refuses or resists, she can be forced and blocked. Some people may be feeling blocked as they prepare to go to bed and then feel free as soon as they wake up or pronounce the name of Allah. A jinn may appear in the shape of a husband to trick a woman and once the act is over, wife realises that it was not her husband. When a person is married, the jinn may accept the spouse, but most of the time it does not happen, then the person will not bear their new spouse too. This happens mostly to women. The husband should then act with tenderness to have sexual intercourse. If he insists, the wife may get upset, cry and the issue will end up in a dispute.

In extreme cases, it is possible for a human to marry a jinn and have children with them. The status of the child is not clear: most likely it will live in the jinns’ world and you are not responsible for bringing it up. However, a woman can give birth to a mixed child: the sperm of the jinn mixed with the human’s egg in conception. Those children are heavily disabled.

We need to understand that couple making in jinn world works different from ours. They have no marriage rituals with celebrations and witnesses: they just need to fall in love for the deal to be sealed. Thus they become a faithful and attached couple very easily. When it comes to dealing with humans they behave exactly in the same way. They find it perfectly normal to defend their chosen partner jealously against any other competitor. Even true Muslim jinns may find themselves in the situation where they fall in love with a human.

4 Housing

Jinns have a simple life compared to ours. They do not alter or improve environment to suit their lifestyle or needs; they just settle in whatever place they find. They look for appropriate houses as they cannot build their own. They look for food remains and excrements as they cannot cook or store food. Beside these two preoccupations they do not have much to do. Some are devoted to worshiping, others create families and others spend time fighting. There are also the ones that attend sinful places and take part in human vices. When jinn lives in a human body, he/she is fed and housed. Generally, they do not need to look any further as their needs are satisfied in this way. For that reason jinns can live inside men just to be housed. However, they need “a bridge” to enter a human body such as sorcery or evil eye. Also, they can enter in a moment of one’s weakness: anger, sorrow or fear. Therefore, as soon as a person experiences any of these emotions they may be inhabited by jinns looking for a home. Unfortunately, protection prayers do no longer guarantee a sufficient protection since the person has the bridge connecting jinns to the human body. It works like an exposed wound that attracts microbes and adherence to regular hygiene rules is not longer good enough.

Jinn/s can attack a person for another reason: if a person progresses well in Islam, devils may send special evil jinn to harm the person.

Sometimes, the jinns in the body will not manifest and the person will not experience anything. The person may have heaviness feeling in the part of the body where jinn resides. An interaction may happen between the two: the jinn transmits their feelings and reactions: fear, joy, depression, anger, attraction or repulsion towards anything, especially religion; the person can also impose their feelings to the jinn, force the jinn to become like him, or to leave. Besides, if there are two jinns inside the body, they can interact with each other until one of them is dominated by the other or hidden by his presence.

Jinns have volatile and changing nature. When they are pious and pure they start to look like angels. When they are wicked their appearance becomes darker and gloomier as their wickedness progresses. Iblis is a jinn and has never been an angel. Before disobeying Allah, Iblis was so pure that he was assimilated to angels. When he disobeyed, he was cursed and turned into a devil. His curse was so strong that his offspring are all devils. They are two types: those linked to the person since their birth, they come to life from person’s parents’ devils; and those who are free; they meet, plan and work to draw people to Hell.

When a person follows religion, he/she can easily physically dominate the devil, but thoughts and feelings are more difficult to control. Once a person achieves a spiritual “breakthrough” and gets closer to Allah, they gain control over their thoughts and emotions and leave no possibility for evil jinn to influence them. Devils consider this person to be “dangerous” and delegate a special jinn or devil working for Iblis to get them astray. The jinn/devil then tries to upset the person, involve them in arguments with people, stops them from devoting themselves to worshipping, decreases spirituality, leads them to sins, etc. Only few people are able to dominate their devil, but nevertheless it is important to be aware of it.

It is possible for Muslim jinn to enter a human body for housing purposes. Also, it is possible for jinn to convert to Islam sometime after entering a human body. In this situation the jinn tries to help the person against the bad jinns who also may be living in the body; the person would be under influence of good and bad jinns in their everyday life and they would feel torn between choosing good or bad. The jinn can also change his status: he may come by sorcery, then fall in love or stay after the sorcery is removed to be housed and fed or he may come to be housed and fall in love with the person. There are also jinns who are not in love, but take sexual advantage of the situation, or who are sexually possessive without love for the person. This will result when the person’s problems last a long time; as time goes he will accumulate troubles until he loses his mind or becomes a tramp. We therefore need to treat things till to the end and do not neglect a problem because it is bearable; it can cause others.

5 Jinns in the house

Old and abandoned houses are almost always inhabited; new houses are often inhabited too. It is easier for a jinn to enter a house and to stay there than for the inhabitants to stop them (see prevention, chapter III §D.1)

Most of the time jinns are totally unnoticed. When they are believers and practicing Muslims, we feel a light and pleasant atmosphere; these religious jinns often live among the practicing Muslims whose houses are animated by Koran, prayers, supplications and religious discussions. Jinns are not rich in science; they do not have access to books and do not have many religious activities and initiatives; in order to progress in religion they seek for religious atmosphere among humans.

Unfortunately, these good jinns are rare. The majority is neither good nor bad, like ordinary people just living their lives, and those who are the most noticeable are the bad ones who hate practicing Muslims. When those are in the house, we feel a heavy atmosphere, and people suffering from sorcery, evil eye or jinn. Young children will feel it more and might sometimes see jinns under different appearances. Jinns would also harm them, disturbing their sleep and causing them to have nightmares. Living together will sooner or later cause the house inhabitants to accidentally hit jinns and therefore receive their vengeance. Inhabitants may also undress without saying “Bismillah” casing the jinns to fall in love with them. In addition, if some members of the household are bewitched, they will be an easy target for jinn to enter their body.

If the jinns have been sent to a house by sorcery; they directly act to harm people in the house.