All praises to Allah and peace and blessings on His Prophet.

The purpose of this campaign in England was to support the centres we have there. Alhamdu lillah, after many years and campaigns, we finally reached opening permanent centres. So centres now are in London (2), Luton, Birmingham and Durham, plus individuals treating in Leeds and Leicester. By Allah’s mercy that goal was achieved, may Allah help us, cure our patients and accept us to work for His deen.

As soon as we pass the stage of stabilizing the centres, we move on to our second stage which is expansion. An important progress has been done by Allah’s mercy with ulamas, dar ulooms and chaplains. Those we visited have no problem accepting our methods, hanging our poster “Cure yourself with Quran”, putting our “Ruqya manual for mawlanas” for dar uloom’s students; but to teach ruqya in dar ulooms, it needs time to study the subject and get familiar with it, as a director said: wa cannot tech something we have not been taught. The most excited with our work was the hospital’s chaplain: so many patients ask for ruqya and he helps them as he can, so now he wants complete training on our methods. Tens of Muslim doctors pray in the masjid in hospital, so what a great opportunity for us to introduce ruqya to them! It has been years I am repeating to my students to do these things and we start to see the results. So the procedure, once we have permanent ruqya centres, is to do an association for ruqya, call it Quran Cures for example or Shifaun wa Rahma – Cure & Mercy, then print the poster “Treat yourself with Quran” with our contacts in the bottom, and give it to mosques to expose, madrassas, and any Muslim organizations or businesses, and print the book of ruqya or the manual and put some in the mosques and dar ulooms or get some publishers or book sellers to print it and sell it. But if you are in country where traditional healers are recognized by Health Authorities, register as traditional healers and create your professional organization of traditional healers instead of a simple association.

By Allah’s mercy, we have done many videos and subtitled them in English and Arabic, so please translate them in any languages you need, may Allah accept us and use us for the sake of His religion.