Mathematics are something flowing into my veins, moving into my neurons, structuring my vision of the world, putting in equation all the parameters of life. First of all, in school I was always the first in math. In primary school I was never doing my math homework and when the teacher was interrogating me, I was reading the question and giving the answer at once. In secondary school, the worst mark I got was 13,5/20 in second year and the worst average still in second year was 17. During the final year examination, there was a mistake in the exercise; I corrected it and I got 19,5/20. Then in life everything is mathematics. For example anytime I see women ready to make a salad, taking a cucumber, cuting it lengthways into two, then cuting again each part lengthways into two and then taking each piece one by one to slice it. As a mathematician you see straight that there is an obvious factorization which will allow you to save 75% of the time: first you need to start by cutting the cucumber into two but not totally, leaving the bottom, then you do the same to cut it into four, leaving the bottom, now you grip the four pieces with one hand and you slice them with the other. I never understood why people can’t see it immediately. Other math example in real life. When you give a candy to a child, he is happy. Then someone takes it from him or he loses it and he starts crying. But before he had the candy he was not crying, everything was fine, so now that he is back to his initial state why the tears? He should say to itself: “I never had a candy” and keep on being happy.

Since the dream of any math lover is to resolve the equation and optimize the function, here I am constantly searching for solutions and improvement.

I was wondering at my beginning in Islam what could be the use of my intelligence in religion, since religion’s principle is to learn and apply and not innovate and find solution. I did not wait long to figure out that there is a lot to do and I hope that my books will prove it to you.