Economy in Islam

To animate our National School for Statistics and Economic Administration, I was asked to give a lecture. I said: "There is one subject I can talk about: Islam" The organizer said: "This is what I want." I said, "Well, as we are a school of economics, I'll talk about the economy in Islam." I then began to look about it. In the absence of satisfactory book on the subject, I just took "Fiqh As-Sunnah" which gives all the legal rules of Islam with their evidence (daleel), and the positions of the four schools of thought and Ibn Taymiyya, and I took everything that relates to economy. Once islamic rules were organised and structured in a logical plan, my lecture was ready. The audience was composed solely of specialists in economics and what was their astonishment, nay, their daze, seeing that Islam has not only some interesting rules, but a distinct capitalist and communist concepts and obviously more efficient. There was no criticism.

In addition to this book, I invite you to read my article on the economic crisis. 

The spiritual path

Here is the jewel of jewels. During my first 40 days in the path of Allah in Pakistan in 1987, I realized that the effort focused on quality: how to acquire the six qualities (1 - La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasullullah 2 - Prayer 3 - ilm and dhikr 4 - Honoring Muslims 5 - To correct the intention and 6 - Dawa and going in the path of Allah) whereas previously tabligh was the purpose. Since then, I have been working on qualities, analyze and implement programs to acquire them. Then I realized that some were prerequisites for others, thus hierarchy was drawing in front of me. Then I asked myself: "which quality if I do not have it , I will go to hell? "The certitude in Allah is a high quality, not a condition to enter paradise it's just required to have enough faith not to commit sins that will bring the person to hell. Without meditation, prayer has less merit, but until you meet the requirements, there is no sin. Science and dhikr are virtues. To honor muslims, there by cons, if you're proud, you're not going to paradise. And there is no worse fault than pride. Here is the starting point because you can not fall lower and farther back. I already knew that the solution was pride in the hadith it says : accept the truth and do not downgrade people, that what I was preaching for a long time. Another quality without which we can not go to heaven is sincerity. So I was searching for several years the solution of sincerity and I remember the time I read "revival of religious sciences" Al-Ghazali's description of true science: "Here is a true scholar, this man who said: sincerity consists of three things: his actions are the same in privacy and in public : flattery and criticism are equal him, he has no vanity. " The only time in my life I found this sentence I never forgot it. We still had to find the solution for all the three points. So I had come to this conclusion : first, sincerity and then pride, , after five years of research , I went for the second time in Pakistan after my studies, for my four months in 1992. In the group where I was, there was a young brother from France was filled with pride, and love of ostentation for the dunia. If you ask me how I could find it out, I would say that I forgot to tell you about my psychologist side. In any case, it was obvious in his whole attitude. For example, during the meal, he took a piece of bread to put it in front of me saying "hey, ikram! "(Generosity), while there is one bread everywhere and I can use it as I want. It is an act of pride - for he said, I have so many qualities, I'm being generous - Love dunia - because he is not able to give something that has value - and ostentatious - because he needs others to see what he does. The problem is with pride that we can not directly advise the concerned ones, they are proud and will not accept the truth. So I enjoyed a discussion to say that someone who has an atom of pride in his heart is not going to paradise. He said piteously, "But everyone has pride! "This is the typical response of a proud person. And how could he know if others have pride? It merely projecting his own faults on them. So all what it is that sentence actually expresses pride and he is powerless to fix it and sees it as an inevitable and reassuring to think that others are like him. Then it happened that someone in the group had a dream and I would give the explanation. Then each and everyone began to tell me about their old dreams and I explained. And the brother in question told me a dream and told him: "It means that you would change in Islam but your pride didin't allow you to enjoy." It was a shock. He fell very high. He said: "What? And you knew I was proud? "I said," Yes. " In short, once the initial shock, I explained the recipe to remove pride. At the time of leaving, I wanted to tell him that once he advanced with pride, he should treat the ostentation, but I felt very strong with the love he dunia and it was not possible to work honesty, because the fight against ostentation requires monitoring of thoughts and emotions or intimate love of material well-being prevents the fineness of perception. I then began to look for the logic in the texts and what that says love dunia prevents sincerity and I found the answers are in my book. And why did I not understand the problem of dunia earlier? Because I had very little, since my childhood it had never interested me, and since islam I was leading the fight against dunia. I had reached the end of my first forty days of my four months and I flew to India. There prevails a strong spiritual atmosphere and impregnating. I focussed a lot on dhikr. Then the concentration in dhikr led me to concentrate in prayer, when suddenly in prayer, I felt that Allah was watching me. I was then, taken by a fear of Allah even after the prayer. It was then that I realized that I had the six qualities and I mentally follow the path. Since this discovery, all that I have heard or read about spirituality has only strengthen it: nine spiritual levels, criteria to locate and how to proceed to the next step. This is certainly so far the greatest discovery of my life.

Model of the Prophet (pbuh)

The roots of this book go back to 1985 or torn between various Islamic trends I said, "I will read the life of the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, to see how he (s) acted," and that led me to join the tabligh movement. Later, in 1991-92, when the events in Algeria occured, many young people in France were tempted by violence and I was explaining to them the way of the Prophet (s) behaved in changes. Thus was born this book.

Successful family life

All these youth getting married - or that I married - needed advices, even a complete education on marriage and this book was the result of long experience.

6 lessons for young people inspired Surah Yusuf

I had from a long time recognized the instability of the youth in religion. I was trying to get back the lost sheep and preserve those I was in charge of. But the causes were many and varied. It was therefore necessary to analyze, find solutions, experience them, correct them until a manual to prevent obstacles of the youth's religious path can be created. A concentrate of practical solutions resulting from 14 years of experience in a small and accessible book was a resounding success.

How to learn about Islam

Every sect preaches through science, demonstrating their naive targets their ignorance in religion and then invite them to attend theirs classes and indoctrination. Particularly in France, the total ignorance is because the majority of young people have no religious education neither at home or at school, which is a breeding ground for all deviations. Rather than fighting sects, denouncing their mistakes, I preferred to go in the direction of addressing the lack of training of young people and offer them an apprenticeship of Islam which includes prevention against recruitment methods sects . The program also aims to enable those who cannot attend classes in a school or with an imam to self-train with books in directing their own learning.

The ideal in my opinion after having mastered the obligations and prohibitions of religion is to take advantage of the Qur'an in order to benefit from the guidance and the faith as sahabas , may Allah be pleased with them, for whom it was a textbook. This requires learning Arabic, the Qur'an, the biography of the Prophet (s) and then the tafsir.

Muslim generation

It was a time of excitement looking for all means to promote Islam, enjoy all the tools that we offer society, seek answers to all the needs of the Muslim community, solutions to the challenges that youth face. In the begining we wanted to make a role play, like adventure games where a group of people face various adventures, earn bonuses and powers etc.. The idea was that you are placed every time in front of religious choices and depending on your choices you are facing other situations with bonuses or penalties in reward, in accepted duas,in divine science, in miracles and punishments. The complexity of such a project was obvious, we folded on a novel by an ideal journey of a young man who emerges from ignorance and find the way to change the world. We have in this novel a maximum of our actual experiences and the experiences of our brothers who fought also for the cause of Islam, so that some wonder if this is a true story.

The ruqyah

Confronted for the first time to a jinn possession in Pakistan in 1993, I gradually immerse myself in the field until it becomes my main activity from 1997. It was a long scientific process: 1 - Observation 2 - hypothesis, 3 -experiences and 4 - law to dissect this mysterious and mystical field. I can boast of having succeeded because wherever people read my book and apply the methods, they have results: it is the characteristic of a scientific truth, to be applied always and everywhere. In addition, I have as a guideline: developping a rational diagnostic technique that everyone can make and a method of treatment based on a maximum usable tools with a minimum of spirituality, ie logic and simplicity.

Ruqyah then underwent a second edition and additions to the ruqyah and now the new version by replacing the symbols by verses and adding jinn catching method.

Tabligh stage four

What an ambition to want to reform this movement! From my first three days in 1983, I was fascinated. I enormously benefited from this movement : 19 times 40 days and 4 months and many 3 days and countless others. Unfortunately I have seen many who didn't benefit anymore from the movement so they left it. Of course there are so many external factors that prevent the person from going out in the path of Allah, but it must prepare to face those difficulties and the benefit must be sufficiently motivating for the persns to go out back at all costs. So I quickly made more efforts on people who were going out then on others, and what is the use of getting people if they do not enjoy? And how is it, that they do not enjoy? Because the key principles are gradually abandoned and the routine moves. So the purpose of this book is to recover the strength and the depth of the movement.

A second objective of the book is to rationalizate what is said inside and outside the movement. Moreover, even if you have no connection with this movement, it is a benefiting islamic experience.

Fatiha and the ten last surahs

I wanted to translate Tafsir Ibn Kathir fully, so I think this work is important and I took advantage of my master in arabic language to start. I discovered that the master's work can not be limited to translation and needed research and comment on all the names that appear with more reflection and a personal look at the work. This was a very rewarding approach that readers will appreciate insha'Allah. But later on, I have not been able to continue the translation because the lack of time and because a new translation came on the market.

The life of sahabas

This book contains an incredible force. Tales of heroism of the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa salam, and his companions; edifying stories which are abundant and never tires, which increase your faith and let you dream. During the two years I translated the book full-time, day and night, I was moved, I was on their side and the side of Sheikh Yusuf who wrote the book (and whose only words through which he expresses his analysis of the stories are securities) and Sheikh Inaam commented that book (added in the latest edition). Of course, I tried to live these stories and I experienced things that I received as blessings in their lives.

6 Commented Stories

I like to narrate stories and to take lessons from them. So I selected the most relevant stories into a book and give me the freedom to abound in comments. So here is a compilation of lessons for you and an effective teaching tool insha'Allah.

Letters to my disciple

Here is my most fervent among my disciples, we have maintained a rich and abundant correspondence, and it was a must that those advices be published for everyone's benefit.

8 tips to my Nigerian brothers and sisters

I had the thunderbolt for Niger since my first visit in 2005, where in 20 days there were 14 conferences, internship ruqyah, four airplay, several interventions in Dawa, books sale, working meetings with several organisations and training in psychotherapy. The demand for religion and the infatuation was such that I wished I could spend my life like this. This is what happen by the grace of Allah now with ruqyah tours, training, conferences, media, and other books. The book I wrote about the analysis of nigerian society, is available wholly or partially everywhere so everyone can feel involved.

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